Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Thousand Miles

Every time I feel a breeze
And my heart sways with the wind
I wish I could wander
And I would hustle a thousand miles
Just to be with you

Every time I see birds
Flying high in the sky
I wish I had wings
And I would fly a thousand miles
Just to be with you

Every time it rains
And I see a rainbow
I wish I was a rain
And I would rain wherever you were
Just to be with you

Every time I see up in the sky
And I see gliding clouds
I wish I could float
And I would travel a thousand miles
Just to be with you

For you, I would walk a thousand miles
Just to be with you
For you, I wish a million things
Just to be with you....(:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pebbles - Childhood Revelation I

Walking by the sea
Throwing smooth washed pebbles
As far as I could
For most of my childhood 
I believed pebbles were different from stones
That they were found on beach
Because they were round and smooth
So as not to hurt the strollers

That they were colourful 
To make the sea look beautiful
Like I used to wear hair-bands and clips
To dress up in my childhood
Logic seemed perfectly fine
Until I knew something like science
And logic took a toll

Little did I know then
Something so soft and calm 
Like the ocean water 
Could grind the rough stones into soft pebbles
But still I choose to believe, nature placed them there 
So that I don't get hurt 
Next time I walk bare feet by the ocean
To indulge in the beauty of setting sun... :) 
\Written for Poetry Jam!

Such was the perception of pebbles in my lovely childhood.Childhood Revelations are many but for now read on and smile.. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Festival Of Lights

A zillion lights adorn the autumn sky 
Echoes of crackers ripple throughout the night
Sparkling colours spread joy and happiness
Today’s the triumph of good over bad
A joyful day for mind and soul

On this festive season of lights
May the gleaming light of diya
Brighten your life and
Hope the year brings you luck
& fulfils all your dearest dreams....

Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali!

Much Love,

Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn Leaves

A leaf once young
Now falls one by one
In the form of  red and golden showers
Covering the little flowers
With a warm blanket
The earth looks like a fairy land 
With colourful carpet and dancing leaves 
Alas! Autumn leaves are falling down
And winter will soon follow on...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

If I were...

If I were the summer rain
And you were a rainbow
I'd keep the sky sunlit
To keep you warm and close 

If I were the night sky
And you were a shining star
We'd lit up the sky with dazzling light
And hum songs whole night

If I were a bird 
And you were a cloud
I'd fly up so high 
To be with you all day

If I were the autumn breeze 
And you were a crimson leaf
I'd lift you gently up 
And we'd dance together in the air

If I were a poem 
And you were an author
Our love would be engraved
In a book forever...
Written for Poetry Jam!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Clouds - Floating beauty in the Sky!

They call me floating beauty of the sky 
I am a saviour in the scorching summer
Casting a barrier when the sun is too angry
I extinguish the thirst of the lovely earth 
And move with daring wind with speed of light

I am a beauty with imagination, if you must know
Those funny images you see in the distant sky
A dragon sometimes and perhaps sometimes a fairy
And you think your mind is playing a trick
Oh! It is me playing around a bit when it gets little boring

I love to dress up, blending with nature's paint
Changing shape and colour to light up the dull blue sky
Oh! don't you think I am always so calm
I do get angry and when I do 
There is flash of violent light and thunders roll

I come close to the earth in winters for a while
When sun isn't around to play hide and seek
In the form of fog, I visit earth
And when sun returns from its vacation
Puff! I am gone with wind! 
Written for Poetry Jam!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I have, have I? - A Palindrome

loved you always
high or low were times
dawn to dusk, loved you always
 life was sweet, you and I
I and you, sweet was life
always you loved , dusk to dawn
times were low or high
always you loved

In a palindrome write, carefully placed words form the same sentence whether its read forward or backward.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

It all started on one moonlit night - A Pantoum Verse

It all started on one enchanting moonlit night
    When white serene light was falling on his face
At the time, when the dusk had kissed goodnight
    He felt as in from another time and place

When white serene light was falling on his face
   The sight of his smiling face was all I could see
He felt as in from another time and place
    And all I could hear was the voice of the sea

The sight of his smiling face was all I could see
    In the moonlight, when quietness crept up the hill
And all I could hear was the voice of the sea
    We just sat there as the woods grew darker still

In the moonlight when quietness crept up the hill
    I knew in my heart - it's now or never
We just sat there as the woods grew darker still
    And he had my heart for now and forever

I knew in my heart - it's now or never
    At the time, when the dusk had kissed goodnight

And he had my heart for now and forever
    It all started on one enchanting moonlit night...

A pantoum verse consists of a series of quatrains rhyming ABAB in which the second and fourth lines of a quatrain recur as the first and third lines in the succeeding quatrain; each quatrain introduces a new second rhyme as BCBC, CDCD. The first line of the series recurs as the last line of the closing quatrain, and third line of the poem recurs as the second line of the closing quatrain, rhyming ZAZA.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

School Days

How lovely were the sunny days
When we had our own mysterious ways
Days were all about gruelling fun
Teased our friends with names of someone
Life was fun without any tension
To make friends was the only intention

And crushes and heart breaks were sweet 
And we never bothered to tweet 
Lunch box was over before lunch time
And there was nothing called only mine
Last bencher I was and a notorious child
Always in trouble and doing something wild

Homework were shared to get friends out of trouble
And chits and paper planes were made during lessons
Scolding and punishments were never more fun
And when we get in trouble we used to run
Getting in trouble and chalk fights were common
And those days can never ever be forgotten

Truth is now time has passed
And reality has to be faced
But now I miss those golden days
Trying to live them again in anyway
It was best part which has now crossed
In memories it exists , the time that I have lost..
Written for Poetry Jam!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Only Woman

There she is-
the girl of my dreams
walking gracefully like clouds glide through sky

There she is- 
the girl I love with all my heart, 
smiling in way that takes my breath away

There she is-
the girl I am going to marry, 
her eyes twinkling with promises of the future

There she is- 
the woman of my life,
walking in the lovely white laced gown 

There she is-
the love of my life, my better half
for now and forever
Here she lies at peace-
The woman I have always loved
The only woman I have ever loved...

Inspired by a short write, I read sometime back about a father re-enacting his wedding photo shoot in his house with his little daughter after his wife's untimely demise. This write I wrote was keeping him in mind as the protagonist. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Thousand feelings - Villanelle Verse

Thousand feelings with you and without you
But words aren't enough to convey
Do you feel the same way as I do?

I move into a world that I never knew
With music in my head, my heart sways
Thousand feelings with you and without you

What can I do, what can I say to you?
When I go blank with you on the way
Do you feel the same way as I do?

And I only hope you feel the same too
Just when I think I've words, they stray
Thousand feelings with you and without you

Feelings so many yet words so few
What have you done to chase them away?
Do you feel the same way as I do?

I love you, yes I do -
One thing that I know for sure today
Thousand feelings with you and without you
Do you feel the same way as I do?

A Villanelle is a nineteen-line poem consisting of rhyming scheme: aba aba aba aba aba abaa. The first and the third lines in the first stanza are repeated in alternating order throughout the poem, and appear together in the last couplet.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ever Since- Triloet Verse

Years ago we met and he doesn't know
          That I have loved him ever since
He looks at me and he takes a bow
Years ago we met and he doesn't know
With each day my love for him grows 
         I'm a princess and but he isn't a prince
Years ago we met and he doesn't know
         That I have loved him ever since.

The Triolet ("triplet") is a French verse form,that consists of eight lines, with two rhymes and two repeating lines. The opening line repeats itself in the fourth and seventh lines, while the second and eighth lines repeat.

Monday, July 14, 2014

An Impossible Place

A place where I am the princess 
And fairies are my friend 
Animals can talk and trees can walk
Where I glide through sunlit sky 
And walk on the snow white clouds
Where I can read all day long 
And eat whatever I want 
And not worry about weight
Where everything is possible 
'Cause I have the magic wand
A place that always existed
And will always be around
I just have to close my eyes
And the world is all mine... :)
Written for Poetry Jam

Friday, June 27, 2014

A blessing

You came into the world before me 
As a blessing from heaven above
A shield from the world and a guide for life
Whatever was your's was by default mine
So many things of your's , I did spoil
But you never complained
You were always there for me
And you will be always, I know

You have to walk away now
From my world into his
And I wish nothing but the best for both of you 
I hope he keeps you safe and happy
And may the sun of many days and years shine upon you both
May your love grow with each passing day 
And guide you through life together 
May the heaven above always has its blessing on both of you!!

Happy married life Sis!! You will be missed a lot ! :*


My eyes glance back yesterdays memories 
I gathered from my life's journey 
A tapestry of love woven with years
And all they bring now are tears
Morning is due and here I sit 
Waiting for the sun to lit
The room with its dazzling light
To relieve me of the darkness of the night..

Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's hard

It's is hard to be happy 
when you always feel sad 
It's hard to be yourself 
when people judge you always
It's hard to trust
when everyone around lies
It's hard to be nice
when people drive you crazy

But then there is no love without hate
no good without bad
no truth without a lie
no happiness without sadness
so next time when you feel sad
and frown just remember 
what goes up must go down 
and in order to smile you should be able to frown :( :)

Saturday, May 31, 2014

City of the Future

 Standing on the terrace on a blissful night
I was waiting for my friend to arrive
As I gazed in the clear less night sky
I saw a light making its way towards me
And a broad smile sets on my face
As it came near I could see the headlights
Of the car flying swiftly towards me

The world has exceedingly advanced today
When the space on the land decreased
And the hunger to achieve in men increased
He conquered the sky within his limits
The people with money now rule the sky
While poor struggled to live on the land
Distance between rich and poor has only
Increased with the passing time

They parked momentarily on my terrace
And together we flew to the restaurant
There are air lanes and signals in the sky now
As I glanced above, I saw Mercedes and top brands flying
And not the moonlit night sky with twinkling stars
Peace is hard to find in this fast advancing life
 We soon approached the restaurant we planned to visit
An electronic man came to us for the valet parking

The services has been replaced today
By the walking gadgets in all fields
For their never making error capabilities
Robots have taken the human form
And are made perfect in every sense
One thing all they lack is a human heart
Which for years to come, human with his
Never satisfying ego will sooner or later achieve

We entered the restaurant and ordered the food
The food was perfect in taste and aroma
As machines have taken over the kitchens as well 
But it didn't feel the same
Cause it isn't made with love and care
People have learned to live with it now
After the party I soon returned to my luxurious house

Time has indeed changed a lot
People are more open to ideas and culture
But are far more closed to feelings
Everything is attainable in this materialistic world
But the value for things have gone for a toss
And this is the price we have to pay
For advancement in the domain
That were never suppose to be touched

Far we have come now and there is no turning back 
From where I stand today, past was a golden period
And what lies in future, is yet to be written
Young generation of today love the life they live
Only people who have seen the past know
What they are missing and that they will never know
World has changed for the better they say
And that has been and will be, always debatable...

Somewhere on this Earth

Somewhere on this earth
There will be our home
Around a peaceful and quiet place 
Waiting for us somewhere 
No matter how small
It will be our own place
We'd share the sky 
And share the sea 
I don't want much 
But a place to call ours
A place where
We would retire from the world
Into each other...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Her Eyes

Eyes are the window to her soul
A little peak inside them
Will tell you what her soul holds
Beautiful dark eyes
With a sparkle so bright

She is a beautiful woman
With a smile on her face and rage in her eyes
She dances gracefully like ocean waves
And walks by like a gentle breeze

Beautiful dark eyes
With a sparkle so bright
Is it the tear sparkling
Or the joy in her eyes
Whatever it is...her eyes house the real story.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Wonderful Mother

Unconditional love, infinite patience 
Bound to forgive and never complain
No better place then sleeping in her arms
Nothing more comforting than her presence around

She is the star of my life
The roots of my upbringing 
The tree I always lean upon
A watchful eye over my shoulder

She is the one who taught me
To smile even in darkness
To believe in my dreams
To help people if I can

She is the superwoman of my life
Lovely mother of notorious three
She nurtured us with utmost love and care
Knowing we will fly once we have wings in the open sky

To live forever and always
A healthy wonderful life
Is what I wish for you my dear mother
Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, April 28, 2014

It's desert... but it's HOME

I come from a land
From a faraway place
Where the camels roam
Land is flat and water is scarce

Mirages play with human minds
And if you dare chase rippled patch
To quench  your thirsty throat
Lost you will be in a lonely desert

Hot winds blow in summers
Days are hot and nights are cold
Sun shines like a fire ball
Ah..this is what a desert is like

While yellow sandstorms cover the sky
Cactus rules the vast barren land
Blooming flowers are hard to find
Heat is intense but hey... it is home!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Chidhood Beliefs

Once I was a child with cherished beliefs
Sky wasn't the limit and being a fairy was the aim of life
When Sun had its home behind the hills
And if you travel across ocean you would fall off the Earth

Problems were limited to how to make house of cards
Possessiveness was who gets to sleep next to mom
Dreams were all about fairies and games
Truth was all I ever spoke

It was a time when everything was a magic
And no logical reason to explain when and why
But as I grew I realized
Magic was in my eyes and not in the surroundings

Though I know now most of them aren't true
But I still choose to believe then doubt
'Cause once I was a child with beliefs
And if beliefs made my childhood so beautiful
I believe the beliefs will take care of my heart....

Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's not only Love...

The little games that we play
Long night walks
Random fights we have sometimes
Times when we talk a lot and times when we don't
When you make me smile even when I am sad
When we share the little we have
Little surprises and gifts that we plan
It isn't only love that binds me to you
But it's all those little things that we do together
And we do for each other ....

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tick... Tock

Tick tock tick tock goes by the clock
As it winds up another day
Time is passing unnoticed
Stealing all it can from me 
And nothing I can do to stop it

While I am lost in memories of
Beautiful time that is now past
Life shortens with each turn 
Of the mighty time wheel 
Not enough time, never enough time

It is there for a second
That is all we have of it
Then it slips forever beyond grasp 
So do whatever you have to now
Cause time has its own plan for tomorrow 

And our plans aren't its priority 
And never will be....

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's Spring Time

 Over the mountains morning breeze blows
And birds humming are heard once again
Animals are out from their hiding places
Sweet dew replaces the frost covered land
And flowers bloom happily now everywhere

Life is finally awake from its long sleep
After winter has given in its last breath 
With new life sprouting here and there
The natures revives once again 
To mark the arrival of lovely spring...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

In this beautiful World!

It is just one life
In this beautiful world
It's not fair, I say sometimes
So much to explore and see

There is so much difference
Across the boundaries
Of mighty oceans and ancient mountains
Visiting one is never same as the other

Every time I visit a shore
It is a different than the last
The color of the sand,
The look of the beach

Every time I visit an ocean
It sparkles in a different color
Every time I see a crimson sunset
It never feels the same

Mountains, valleys, cliffs
Oceans and shores
Each has a breathtaking view
But none are ever alike

Some places I have seen, some more to see
But never will I be able to see all
So much to see in just one life
In this beautiful world...

Friday, March 14, 2014

Empty Words

 Sometimes there are no memories
To be engraved on the paper
No feelings
To flow with the mighty pen
No festival around
To be celebrated in words
But only empty thoughts
Empty feelings
Shaped into empty words....

Friday, February 28, 2014

Life's Train

Life is like a train journey
Between every destination that we behold
Some of us travel on that train
Waiting for the destination to arrive
Others looking backward and feeling nostalgic
And some just want the journey to continue
With no longing for destination to arrive

People come aboard and sit for a while
Others ride short distances
Each travel with a different purpose to a different destination
And each has a different story to tell
We make friends, fall in love in that short journey
 And share our journey for sometime along
But then we all have to leave to board another train

In our lives, we all have missed certain destined train
 Boarded a random train that changed our destination
Left a journey at a random midpoint station
And that has shaped our life the way it is
Such is the life's train but only going forward
Once you board a train leading to a destination
There is no turning back 
Only a glimpse of the boarding station and then gone forever...

Saturday, February 22, 2014


If you help people
They will come back to you every time they need help
But still help them if you can

If you love someone deeply
He/she will break your heart someday
But still love when ever you can with all your heart

If you smile always
Life will try hard to make you cry
But still smile 'cause life is too small to be sad

If you forgive people once
They will come back to stab you again
But still forgive them for your own good
If you are kind enough to lend one finger
People will grab your hand and pull you down
But still lend help whenever you can

If you do good to people
They might forget it tomorrow
But still do good whenever you can

Whatever you are, will be questioned
Whatever you will be tomorrow, would still be questioned
At the end what matters is what you want to be and what you are...

Friday, February 14, 2014



Some call it a weed
And some call it a flower
But no matter what they call
It's a beautiful creation of god

Field full of swaying dandelions
Bring a smile on everyone's face
Many flowers each dandelion beholds
Each waiting to spread its wing and fly

And when it dares to spill its seed
They all glide like a tiny umbrella
To a far away land
Where they can grow and spread some smile..

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Forever Together in Love

He was a charming guy
Walking on a road leading to the infinite sky
Wandering in the lonely world
With a heart of a warrior
And a strong desire to aim the sky

She was a seamless dreamer
Walking on a road where destiny takes
Enjoying whatever comes in her life
With a heart of a philanthropist
And sweet dreams of a fairy world

He strived hard to make dreams a reality
For her dreams were the only reality
He was candid and carefree
While she cared a lot for everything and anything
Differences were many and similarities none

And yet one day their paths crossed in a wild
They shared a beautiful journey for sometime along
Before their paths diverged in the woods
Forever or for a while, none can tell
Just hoping their paths shall cross again

In the meanwhile
In the crossing so small
Love left their lives forever changed… 

Friday, January 31, 2014

A Child's Laugh..

A child's laughter can bring a smile
To anyone's face in its reach in a mile
Such an innocence which an adult can never have
And can only wish to ever have and never fake
The child's laughter has a cheerful sound
And a music to our ears wherever found

Something so pure, full of innocence and joy
Which adults can only watch and enjoy
The laughter brings back the memory of the past
Of the youthful days that flew by so fast
The laughter so full of life and free
Is the merriest sound in the world for me…

A Bond

Strange as it seems,you meet a person
And you build a bond which you care not to break

 A simple hello builds into long conversations
And the time passes by with the blink of an eye

Those beautiful conversations transform into a memory
Memories that you will seek all your life

Blessed I am to find another bond in you
Which I shall cherish no matter what...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Someday you will..

Someday you will believe
In wishing on falling stars
Someday you will believe
In miracles of life
Someday you will believe
In love at first sight

Someday you will believe that
I and you were meant to be
Someday you will believe
In the power of destiny
Someday you will, I know
Somehow I know, you will

'Cause I believe in love
And someday you will...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two Caged Birds

It was a beautiful rainy evening
When he bought two caged birds
I was amazed as he was afraid of birds
Yet he bought two priceless lives just to free them
The birds squeaked and were agitated
They might not speak our language
But they knew they were sold

How ironic life can be at times
While they were meant to dare
And claim the sky with their little wings
Those beautiful creatures fluttered aimlessly in the cage 
Having only the other bird and caged walls to claim as their world
I wonder if they even remember what it was
To wander aimlessly in the serene sky

It was almost dark when rain stopped
I slowly opened the cage with caution
The elder bird flew within seconds
But it took a while for the little bird to fly
As if the little bird couldn’t believe
The vast sky that nature beholds was now in her reach
At last the bird flew towards the settling sun

We stood there observing them making their way 
Towards the ever-receding horizon,when he whispered
“Fly so high little bird, where none can find you
Let the sky be your kingdom and
Never let anyone take it from you ever again
So soar high little bird, 
Let the wind take you along beyond human reach….”

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Evil vs Good

"Let’s punish him", said the first
"No we’ll not”, said the other
"Why? He did wrong to us, let’s make him pay”, argued the first
"I agree, but I will not take revenge" said the other
"He will trouble us again tomorrow", raising his tone said the first
There was a profound silence for a while.
The first continued, "No one will ever know
He has to pay for his wrongdoings."
"No” shouted the other
"We won't do such a thing, we aren’t like him.
I heartily forgive him for good,
We shall not discuss further."

There was a shrill cry heard from the first
And he resided in his dwelling
Waiting silently for another day
When he would have his way
But today the devil inside me lost
Once again this time.…