Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Conversation with GOD..

Looking upon the clear sky yesterday night;
I asked GOD, “How long will I live on this beautiful planet??”
“With every clock ticking, your time to bid goodbye is nearing;
You are oldest in your life today and youngest ever going to be” he said;

A thought struck then, “Why waste time thinking about things so small?”
"Why hurt people?", when I can be the reason for someone smile;
"Why worry about people who don't care?" when people there are few who care;
And I was full of joy once again, with a bundle of experience so rare;

“Are you with me always?” My eyes question;
“Yes”, he replied, in every situation;
I looked back, and yes he was there always in my heart;
And a glimpse of his presence was felt everywhere in the past;

“Do you have faith in me??" I asked;
“As much as you have in me”, he smiled;
There was no measure of my happiness then;
And nothing in this world seemed impossible when;

I whispered "Where could I find you next time?”
"Seek, you shall find and pray, I will answer;
You are a beautiful creation of mine!” He smiled;
Always remember he said, “I am there with you always….” 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Once there was a Dragon...


Once there was a child who loved to wander
In search of peace to ponder
One day he wandered in the woods
And climbed the highest tree to see how they look

But as he climbed he saw something strange
A beautiful golden egg laid there in estrange
He was delighted, he was amazed
'Cause he had never seen something so ablaze

He waited for long to see its mother
Hours went by, but no one came to see his brother
Thereafter it became a routine for the child
To sit near the egg, to save it from the wild

Then one fine day the egg hatched
And from it came a beautiful blue dragon
There were tears of joy in child's eyes
And Emerald was the dragon named
for his enticing green colored eyes

Days passed so did the months
Together they grew in the woods
None can part them such was their bond
Together they flew over the pond

And then Emerald's only friend died
But their friendship left a tale behind...
Once there was a dragon who loved to wander
In search of his only friend I wonder...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A quest with SELF...

From dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn,
In a zest to do something different thereon;
So went the days,so went the nights,
Lived the present in haste and fright;

Yesterday's tomorrow has become present,
But the quest to achieve is still not absent;
Searching for something to ponder upon,

Life's a stone skipping across a pond;

I look back today,degrees and medals I don't see,
But the days I smiled and laughed;
Things that didn't matter then somehow,
Are the only things I cherish now;

For time has taught and so it seems,
As the journey grows to its end;
Someway, Someday, Somewhere, Somehow you will realize,
Smile happens in a flash, but memories of it lasts forever..

Friday, May 3, 2013

Joy of Giving...

Far across from the city in woods
Lived a poor boy with his woodcutter dad
Born in hardships he never complained
A lil food for two times was all he had
Yet he was happy and content
Without the toys other children dreamt of

As the Christmas was coming soon
He had his wish, a small and lil one
The night before the eve
He kept his wish below the only tree
As he went to sleep happily
His dad was tensed and far from being happy

After the lil boy slept
He went to the place where the lil boy's wish was kept
His hands shivered as he opened the piece
As he did not have a single penny to please
His eyes were full of tears as he read
"Dear Santa, I want a new axe for my dad
as his got broken few days back."

And that whole night he made a new axe from the woods
To keep the goodness and belief of lil lad
Next morning the lil boy went to the same place
No words could explain his happiness, when he saw the axe
And hopping happily he went towards his dad
Wished him Merry Christmas,and off he went to play.... 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Trail I Walked Once...

I walked a path and left a trail
With a wish to return one day with a tale

Days passed as fast as they could
I walked and walked as far as I could

Then one day I thought to return
But as I turned, I was heartburn
Though I wanted to turn back ,
There was no path to take me back

It was years that I walked that way
But the memories were fresh as daisy
A path, once I took effort to make
Was covered with hedges and leaves

I stood there, with yearning eyes
Wishing I hadn't left things for my return..
Wishing I had done what I wanted to...
Wishing I knew there was no turning back...