Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tick... Tock

Tick tock tick tock goes by the clock
As it winds up another day
Time is passing unnoticed
Stealing all it can from me 
And nothing I can do to stop it

While I am lost in memories of
Beautiful time that is now past
Life shortens with each turn 
Of the mighty time wheel 
Not enough time, never enough time

It is there for a second
That is all we have of it
Then it slips forever beyond grasp 
So do whatever you have to now
Cause time has its own plan for tomorrow 

And our plans aren't its priority 
And never will be....


  1. Time flies indeed! You have captured this feeling very efficiently. While we cherish past memories, time runs its own course inexorably and, you are right, there seems not to be enough time, 'never enough time'.

  2. But we can use it wisely...and then it doesn't seem so fast

  3. Yes, life shortens with each turn indeed. Sometimes we don't notice it passing, and then sometimes we look back and realize a whole 'chunk' of time has passed without our notice. Good advice in your poem: Do what you have to do now. Today is the only day we really have. I enjoyed your thoughtful poem.

  4. Time does slip forever and this captures the forlorn passing of time beautifully. Love this.

  5. Beautiful observations and reflections on the passage of time. I enjoyed reading this.


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