Wednesday, March 19, 2014

In this beautiful World!

It is just one life
In this beautiful world
It's not fair, I say sometimes
So much to explore and see

There is so much difference
Across the boundaries
Of mighty oceans and ancient mountains
Visiting one is never same as the other

Every time I visit a shore
It is a different than the last
The color of the sand,
The look of the beach

Every time I visit an ocean
It sparkles in a different color
Every time I see a crimson sunset
It never feels the same

Mountains, valleys, cliffs
Oceans and shores
Each has a breathtaking view
But none are ever alike

Some places I have seen, some more to see
But never will I be able to see all
So much to see in just one life
In this beautiful world...


  1. god created this beautiful world and humans...let explore all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. it is a beautiful world...and def so much to see...
    my journey so far has been limited to the americas
    but i will be overseas in the fall...and i am def looking forward to seeing an older part of the world...

  3. I so relate to this poem. I havent been many places. But I find even going day after day to the SAME shore, it never looks the same, is always different in color, tides, patterns in the sand It is fascinating......

  4. There is so much to experience...lovely poem!

  5. Oh, so very true. There is beauty everywhere, but each time you look at a beautiful scene there is something slightly different!! Each time a person looks at a scene with a 'new eye,' I think.

  6. yes so much to see and so little time...sigh...


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