Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Gracious Moon..

When the beautiful night unveils with darkness
I look for you in the starry sky above
And I find you glancing through the clouds
You feel so close yet so far, my love

Everything about your existence is amazing
The waning gibbous, the waxing half moon
And the solitary crescent, I have always been praising
But I adore the most, the gracious full moon

When everything shines in your silvery light
And only the outlines highlight in your presence
When the charmed ocean dances every night
Babbling and celebrating your eternal essence

And as the dawn makes its way with a light
I shall wait for the night to see you again
The world of night is a beautiful sight
'Cause of you, my wandering gracious moon...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

At the brink of a fall...

We never put in efforts until it is now or never
We don’t know what we have until it is gone forever
We never care enough until it is the only choice we have
We never appreciate what others have done for us until they stop doing
We never think before speaking until we really hurt someone
We never feel the need of others until we are hurt
They say we need to fall before we can rise
And now, I know that is true
‘Cause we tend to learn only at the brink of a fall.

Friday, June 14, 2013

It's the Journey that's Important...

Life is but an unspeakable journey
With each turn a new one
At times the destination is known
Other times wandering aimlessly on life's road
But somehow it leads us where we need to be
And I always question
"Is it the journey that's important,
or getting there?"

Ups and down, twist and turns
Mountains and valleys, bumps and holes
Life's road is like a blank map
I am trying to lead
Knowing often I came from
Going somewhere I wish to be
Leaving questions to ponder
Will I reach where I want to be?
"Is it the journey that's important,
or getting there?"

Though we all have an outlandish destination
Yet we share journey at some point
Often like a ride in the common bus
The joy we have in the ride
makes us forget the destination
once held so close to our heart and
wishing the journey never ends
And I slowly understand
"It the journey that's important, not getting there!"

Monday, June 10, 2013


Thought, a word that feels so much ours,
yet nothing can be stranger than our own thoughts.
Positive thoughts are like ray of hope and full of life,
negative engulf you into the darkest corner they can thrive.
If former exists somewhere latter can't be far behind.
To master the former is the hardest task for our mind,
but it is easiest to be slaves in the hand of the latter.
Who wins the fight makes us what we are,
 'Cause picture of our soul and life
are painted with colors of our own thoughts.
You can't expect the picture to be colorful and bright,
if all you have used are grey shades to paint.... Ankita

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Strange Wish...

Somewhere and sometimes I feel
I wanna seize the time with a seal

All things should freeze then and there
And wishing it to remain same forever

Reality seems to be better than dreams
And all I want is to stay in sunbeams

Though time has the peculiarity to change
Yet I have the determination so strange

Abstract wish it might seem I know
Still my heart wishes for it somehow

Juggling through times is not my way though
Will make it the same way at all the times I know...