Friday, May 3, 2013

Joy of Giving...

Far across from the city in woods
Lived a poor boy with his woodcutter dad
Born in hardships he never complained
A lil food for two times was all he had
Yet he was happy and content
Without the toys other children dreamt of

As the Christmas was coming soon
He had his wish, a small and lil one
The night before the eve
He kept his wish below the only tree
As he went to sleep happily
His dad was tensed and far from being happy

After the lil boy slept
He went to the place where the lil boy's wish was kept
His hands shivered as he opened the piece
As he did not have a single penny to please
His eyes were full of tears as he read
"Dear Santa, I want a new axe for my dad
as his got broken few days back."

And that whole night he made a new axe from the woods
To keep the goodness and belief of lil lad
Next morning the lil boy went to the same place
No words could explain his happiness, when he saw the axe
And hopping happily he went towards his dad
Wished him Merry Christmas,and off he went to play.... 


  1. This is awesome!! Great start Sweety! :)

  2. The most precious gifts come from the heart. A really beautiful story.

    1. Thank you Leslie I appreciate you taking the time to read over this poem. :) Merry Christmas!

      Best wishes

  3. This is a very touching poem. beautiful write

    1. Thank you dear for visiting and your comment.:)

      Best wishes

  4. many a times the wishes and prayers are answered-happiness is sent our way for sure.A pleasure to read the touching story.


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