Sunday, August 27, 2017

Love Always Finds A Way

Amidst busy life
and lonely hearts, 
love finds a way 

A ray of hope 
and happiness 
it brings along 

Refreshingly soothing 
like the first rain 
after a long hot summer

Some rain fall harder
some sooner than later
but when it does - it always brings along a change

A change that can be permanent or not
but then what is life without love 
but a tree without a flower

Sunday, August 7, 2016

It's Not My Fault!

I have been wrong about people before 
And I will be wrong again 
But why should I be sorry
It is not my fault 
That people pretend
And are not what they say who they are
I can only see what they make me see
I have been naive but not wrong in trusting 
Doubting has never done any good
And believing in good is what I have been taught
Yes, I have learnt my lessons
And may not be easily fooled 
But then again, neither it was easy before
People are just too good an actor
I know, not all were lies 
But neither everything was a truth 
And struggling to decide between the two 
Has now become a part of life...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Untold.....Only to be told later!

Picture credits: Google
On an evening
they had planned for long

She sat across him
with a smile so pretty
that was hard to miss

While she talked
her heart out
He was happy
to just listen

Wishing he could
tell her how much
he loved her
How pretty she looked
this beautiful evening

Hours were slipping by
and so was their time together
As the evening came to an end
she looked into his eyes
and waited for him to say something
that would make her stay

But he could not say it yet
for so many reasons untold
So they parted ways
only to find one day
that there is no other place
they rather be but with each other
And that is how it all started.. :)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

It's Not His Love!

It's not his love that makes her beautiful 
It's her innocent smile 

It's not his love that makes her strong 
It's her experience with life 

It's not his love that makes her successful 
It's her own hardwork 

It's not his love that makes her happy 
It's in her nature to spread the smile 

It's not his love that defines her 
It's her beautiful upbringing 

It was never his love and never shall be 
It is always HER with or without HIS love! 
For all the strong women I know! :)