Friday, November 29, 2013

Waiting by the River (A song on the tone of 'Stairway to Heaven')

There's a girl who believes in elves and fairies
And she's waiting by river for her prince.
When she waits for long and her prince doesn't come
With the wand she can get back home.
Ooh, ooh, she is waiting by the river for her prince.

There's a book she has read but she wants to be sure
'Cause her prince is all she cares about.
At the coast by the river, there's a house of an elf,
Sometime all you want to see is there.

Oooh, she is waiting,
Oooh, she is waiting.

She's sitting by river and gazing at the sky
And she is waiting for her prince.
In her dreams she has seen him coming through trees,
And the smile on her face lit the forest.

Oooh, she is waiting,
Oooh, she is waiting.

And she has waited for long, if he doesn't come along,
Then the stories will lose their meaning.
When new day will dawn, she will not sit along
And the fairies and elves will be saddened.

If the birds sing along , don't be alarmed,
They are just singing to make her smile.
Yes, they are accompanying her, but she has to wait
There is nothing she can do to change it.
And she is waiting

And as the wind blows her hair
She looks in front of her.
There sits a prince we all know
Who smiles and wants to show her
How everything is going to be perfect.
And if you believe in fairies
Then the dreams will all come true.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Standing on the Threshold

Far I have come in the journey I behold
With blowing wind and sailing stones
That today I stand across the threshold
Of my long forgotten childhood, alone

With growing responsibilities and plans
I can't remember when childhood slipped
Like sand through my clasped hands
Now childhood feels like a fairy tale

Those endless fun days, with no care
When toys and friends made my world
And life was full of colors and teddy bears
When innocent dreams and smile weren't faked

It was the time when I lived only in dreams
Sorrows never occupied any space
Life was all about Disney themes
And there was nothing to worry nor any race

Then one day things changed as I happen to cross
The threshold of my misty fairyland

And as I stand across
Childhood is left behind

Forever to be sealed in memories
But the child in me will never die...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

White Winter

With gusts of tumbling snow
White winter has long thrived
Colorful flowers no longer grow
And gardens have been deprived

Birds have flown to far away land
And gardens exist only in words
Ohh.. I miss the sparkling sun
And the chirping of morning birds

Lonely cold wind whispers at night
As autumn slowly turns into winter
Leafless trees stand alone like knights
While golden leaves lay on ground

Slowly snow shall cover them all up
With love and warmth of white quilt
As if nature wants them to sleep
Till spring brings along cheerful life...

Monday, November 11, 2013

What would I do..

What would I say 
to make you mine?
What would I give
to see you beside?

What would I do
to never let you go?
What would I say 
to make you smile?

I don't know my love
I don't know how
But I know I will
Do everything I can
To never make you cry....

Friday, November 1, 2013

A New Canvas

Credits: Pencil in Hand
Every new day is like a blank canvas
As the day goes you paint like an artist
With love and smiles or hatred and sadness
What you shall paint is in your own hands
The emotions with which you paint
Speaks a thousand word you can't
Smile and spread the joy as another day pass
To paint a picture with kaleidoscopic colors
'Cause you can't expect picture to be colorful and bright
If all you have used are grey shades to paint.