Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pebbles - Childhood Revelation I

Walking by the sea
Throwing smooth washed pebbles
As far as I could
For most of my childhood 
I believed pebbles were different from stones
That they were found on beach
Because they were round and smooth
So as not to hurt the strollers

That they were colourful 
To make the sea look beautiful
Like I used to wear hair-bands and clips
To dress up in my childhood
Logic seemed perfectly fine
Until I knew something like science
And logic took a toll

Little did I know then
Something so soft and calm 
Like the ocean water 
Could grind the rough stones into soft pebbles
But still I choose to believe, nature placed them there 
So that I don't get hurt 
Next time I walk bare feet by the ocean
To indulge in the beauty of setting sun... :) 
\Written for Poetry Jam!

Such was the perception of pebbles in my lovely childhood.Childhood Revelations are many but for now read on and smile.. :)

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  1. The innocent stories without any reason or logic of childhood are a treasure to keep!


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