Saturday, January 11, 2014

Evil vs Good

"Let’s punish him", said the first
"No we’ll not”, said the other
"Why? He did wrong to us, let’s make him pay”, argued the first
"I agree, but I will not take revenge" said the other
"He will trouble us again tomorrow", raising his tone said the first
There was a profound silence for a while.
The first continued, "No one will ever know
He has to pay for his wrongdoings."
"No” shouted the other
"We won't do such a thing, we aren’t like him.
I heartily forgive him for good,
We shall not discuss further."

There was a shrill cry heard from the first
And he resided in his dwelling
Waiting silently for another day
When he would have his way
But today the devil inside me lost
Once again this time.… 


  1. I guess sometimes revenge is tempting but, in the long run, never a wise idea.

    1. Indeed Gabriella , it's never the right choice.

  2. And tomorrow came, and he troubled again
    "I told you this would happen" said the first in vain
    "Why don't you listen to me? Let's for once change"
    Pleaded the first one, said the other "No!! never revenge"
    "I'm sure he will not put us in this spot again", And he was right
    For the tenacious troublemaker killed them all in a fight

    1. Nice to see you here Abhishek :) Hope you are doing well.... I never like to end a write at a sad note, but the extension you wrote was an interesting one and somewhat true. We may forgive people but they never stop troubling us. Thank you for reading and your lovely lines. :)

  3. An interesting read. Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Thank you for taking time out to read.... :)


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