Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Forever Together in Love

He was a charming guy
Walking on a road leading to the infinite sky
Wandering in the lonely world
With a heart of a warrior
And a strong desire to aim the sky

She was a seamless dreamer
Walking on a road where destiny takes
Enjoying whatever comes in her life
With a heart of a philanthropist
And sweet dreams of a fairy world

He strived hard to make dreams a reality
For her dreams were the only reality
He was candid and carefree
While she cared a lot for everything and anything
Differences were many and similarities none

And yet one day their paths crossed in a wild
They shared a beautiful journey for sometime along
Before their paths diverged in the woods
Forever or for a while, none can tell
Just hoping their paths shall cross again

In the meanwhile
In the crossing so small
Love left their lives forever changed… 


  1. So true, I think, that many affect one another's lives as they meet along the path....whether or not the paths DO intersect again!

    1. Indeed Mary, thank you for reading and your lovely comment. :

  2. a genuine melancholy inside this poem. you did justice to the 2 central characters, i could only hope that their paths cross again.

    1. Thank you Anand for reading and your kind words, at times all we can do is hope...

  3. smiles...its funny how even the briefest intersection of our lives...the simplest touch can mean to much...and even change the trajectory of our lives.....

    1. Indeed Brian, life is full of such experiences...Thank you... :)

  4. Such a sweet poem and in real life too we sometimes encounter such a person:)

    1. It is always nice to have you here Vandana. Yes, we do meet such people in real life at times.... :) Thank you for reading.

  5. I love that play of moments changing two lives....beautifully written... :)

    1. I am glad you enjoyed reading the write Sumana... Thank you so much for your lovely comment.....smiles.


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