Wednesday, May 13, 2015

An Advise To Older Self!

Another year of sunshine and rain passed
And I am grateful for both
But sure I miss the early days 
And so will you one day 
One day you will look back 
And remember me
And probably miss these days
But remember you did great 
You were loved then and 
You are even loved more now 
Things might have changed 
But look around,what all you have won 
'Cause you valued things that matter 
And now when you are old 
This is all that matters 
One day you will be old 
And look back and remember me 
As I remember you today.. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Some Other Day!

I thought to travel far one day
But then I had to save
And I thought some other day
And here I am, with no time

I thought to spend more time with family
But then there was an urgent work
And I thought some other day
And here I am, thousand miles away

I thought to do something different
But then there were others to please
And I thought, why not do it their way
And here I am, living for others

There is always something or someone
But there is no other time
Do what you have to, do it now
'Cause there is no next life!