Thursday, July 25, 2013

O' Beautiful Wind

O' beautiful wind, where do you live?
On the highest trees or over the deepest ocean
I see you nowhere yet I feel you everywhere
I hear you whispering sweetly but want to talk to you sometime

O' beautiful wind, why are you so shy?
In your company I shall have none else
I will close my eyes when you shall come
And will embrace you with a gracious smile

O' beautiful wind, do come along
We will dance with leaves and trees all day long
O' beautiful wind, take me along
There is no feeling as you flowing around...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I would rather..

I have seen people distance themselves from others
To avoid the pain of a broken heart
But do you truly live then?
I would rather love with all my broken heart
than build a world without love forever

I have seen people losing hope
To avoid the effort it takes to hold on to it
But do you truly live then?
I would rather die with a yearning hope
than live a hopeless life

I have seen people building walls around them
To avoid the pain of getting hurt again
But do you truly live then?
I would rather take a fall and learn
than sit in my palace with long walls

I have seen people lying for their fake pride
To avoid being considered weak and poor
But do you truly live then?
I would rather be hated for what I am
than being loved for what I am not

I have seen people forgetting to live
Struggling to merely exist forever
But do you truly live then? 
I would rather be immortal in someone's dreams
than live an eternal life with mere existence.
Published in the book named 'Enlightenment' by Amanda Mclaren.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

As I grew...

When did electronic gadgets replace my Barbie dolls;
When did I leave splashing on water without the care of dress being spoiled;
When did I leave not being bothered about others;
When did iPad give me more happiness then playing stepo;
When did gossips replace my innocent talks;
... When did dark chocolates replace the orange candy;
When did car replace my simple cycle;
When did songs replace the bed time stories;

I don't remember when all these things changed,
'Cause deep in my heart the latter still thrives;
Barbie dolls still catch my eyes at toy store;
Drenching in rain is all I want at times;
Swaying on swings still make me feel on seventh sky;
No matter how much I want things to remain same,
Change is the only constant in life;
Yet I don't despair that change has come;
'Cause flowing with the flow is not my style....

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

'Cause small things matter.....

It's the simple hug, few polite words
That makes a miraculous impact when you are sad
It's the presence of someone around
That makes you feel so much better in times of need

It's small deed of kindness
That makes you so different
It's the simple word sorry
That makes a difference after the fight

It's the long lazy walk with loved ones
That you always remember
It's those unimportant days
That makes a memory for lifetime
It's how you treat a person
That says more than words
It's those unexplained silences
That transforms into painful tears

For eventually, happiness cannot be bought
in materialistic things
It can be only be found in instances

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We learned it all in Childhood

Thinking back about golden days, when I was a little child
Not a care in the world, no worries, no fears for the wild
Contemplating I realize, knowledge was there in childhood
And not in being a profound scholar or in adulthood
Everything I ever need to know to thrive in this vicious world
Was taught when I was a child, is slowly unfurled

Save whatever you can and never be greedy
Respect elders and help the needy
Clean up your own stuff and put things where you found them
Never laugh at other's expense and say sorry when you hurt
Talk less, listen more; work hard, play daily
Plant a seedling and eat always healthy
Share even if it’s little, nothing is only mine
Love and live whatever you have in the present time

All of it is still true, after all these years spent
But as we grow we slowly forget things we learnt
Thinking about my present life, striving to be a child
Trying hard not to care for the world
I choose not to grow and stay close to roots
'Cause after all we all are products of our childhood.