Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Trail I Walked Once...

I walked a path and left a trail
With a wish to return one day with a tale

Days passed as fast as they could
I walked and walked as far as I could

Then one day I thought to return
But as I turned, I was heartburn
Though I wanted to turn back ,
There was no path to take me back

It was years that I walked that way
But the memories were fresh as daisy
A path, once I took effort to make
Was covered with hedges and leaves

I stood there, with yearning eyes
Wishing I hadn't left things for my return..
Wishing I had done what I wanted to...
Wishing I knew there was no turning back... 


  1. Written by heart :)......Things are not predefined in life. There are always things which leads us to those path back where we had spent gud times.

    1. Yes,that is what make life so unpredictable!:)

  2. Dear Ankita , where have you been and what have you been doing. I have really missed you and wondered. Hope you are well. I had no idea about the fact that I hadn´t subscribed to your blog and now I thought I must find you.
    Have a blessed Sunday. Sending you all my love Kerstin

    1. Dear Kerstin, I am really happy to see you here. I have been travelling a lot in the past month. I am doing good and will return soon to read your lovely writes. Thanks a lot for checking on me.


  3. Such s deep pondering in this one, wonder we should never take life for granted.

    1. Life is just so beautiful and precious to be taken for granted....Thank you Vandana for taking time out to read my writes.


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