Sunday, November 8, 2015

There Is A Girl I Know!

There is a girl I know 
Prettier than she thinks she is 
And lovely as a morning dew
She deserves the world 
And happiness of a lifetime 
She was happy till one day he found her
When he walked into that door
There was something about him
That warned her, he wasn't right
And she knew falling for him
Would be to play with fire 
But a heart is hard to reason with 
And so it happened
He said all the right things 
And made her feel special 
But the reality was waiting 
To knock on the door
The charm was now for someone else
And she was to let him go
A story that was meant to end
From the start
Then why mourn the loss
There is a girl I know 
Prettier than she thinks she is 
Lovely as a morning dew
And the world deserves her.. :)
For all the pretty ladies!

Friday, October 30, 2015

One More Time!

There is beauty in failure
Every time you fail
You fail better
And there is a motivation 
To try a little harder
But when it tests your patience 
And you feel like giving up
Try a little harder one more time
There is nothing to lose
But only to learn something new one more time!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The First "Fall" - Pittsburgh!

The days are getting darker
And the wind is cold and dry
The leaves have started to fall
And the lovely fall colors are everywhere

The colors remind me of home
And the festivals that I won't see this year
But I will witness some new one's 
And learn something more this beautiful fall

Beneath the bright colored leaves
As the earth is getting ready to fall asleep
My roots go deeper in search of answers
To make me more wiser as another fall passes by!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

It's Always The Small Things!

It's not that I can't do things by myself
But a help from loved one is most cherished

I can go to any fancy restaurant
But there something magical about mom's food

I can buy the most expensive dress 
But still feel most comfortable in an old pair

I can be anywhere I wish to be
But at the end of day, my home is where I want to be

I can move mountains if I have to 
But an assurance from dad goes a long way 

After all, it's always the small simple things
Where our heart truly lies...

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lost Childhood!

There a reflection in the water
And I am not sure it's me 
After all these years 
After all this time
I feel, I have been robbed by life
Of the most precious thing I ever had 
A price paid for the experiences I earned 
Life isn't fair I know
But this is a price I wasn't ready to pay
And now I find it so hard to trust and so easy to lie
It is so easy to get hurt and so difficult to forgive
Childhood with it took a lot more than I ever thought
Yet there is part in me that fights
To believe in the goodness around
That is the child in me
And I will never let it die... 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

There was.. There will!

There was a time
When all was gold
And value was dime
Now there are only stories told

For gone are the days
And a price that everyone pays

There was a time
When streets were nice
And there weren't any crime
Now before leaving we think thrice

For gone are the days
And a price that everyone pays

There was a time
When love was all we need
And there wasn't a place for only 'mine'
Now most are selfish deeds

For gone are the days
And a price that everyone pays

There will be a time
When we shall look back

And miss these old times
And wish we could for once go back 
                                and not forward...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Lonely Tree - Havelock#1!

Havelock 2015

Morning sun rose amidst the serene water
And the water shone like a silver light 
The lonely tree gushed and smiled with the waves 
And they made promises for a lifetime 

I returned when the sun was about to set 
And now, the tree stood lonely 
Leaves didn't sway, water had receded
And morning promises were broken

Such is our life joys and moments 
The spring tide we danced and enjoyed 
Leaves us at the eve 
For good or bad I can't tell

But I can say, the dawn will bring the joy 
If only we can stand through the night!

With snow-white beaches, teal shallows, a coast crammed with beach huts and some of the best diving in South Asia, Havelock is one of the most beautiful islands of Andaman & Nicobar Islands(India).

Thursday, June 18, 2015

If only you permit!

I will be the one to speak in your ears to hold on a little longer
When you feel like giving up

I will be the one to hold your hands
When everyone else gives up on you

I will be the one to show you hope
When all you see is darkness

I will be the one to understand your silence
When you say nothing

I will be the one to hug you
I will be the one, if only you permit! :)

Everything has its time!

When it meant a world
You never said a word
And now when things don't matter
You say soothing words

When it was all I asked 
You never gave 
And now when I don't care
You bought all I ever asked 

When it was you, all I needed 
You were never there 
And now when I don't need you 
All you want is to be around 

When all I wanted was to smile 
You always made me cry 
And now when I don't know how to smile 
You want to see me smile 

I wish you said what you had to, did what you want to 
Everything has its time 
And now when time has passed 
Nothing else matters... 

"There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens..."

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

An Advise To Older Self!

Another year of sunshine and rain passed
And I am grateful for both
But sure I miss the early days 
And so will you one day 
One day you will look back 
And remember me
And probably miss these days
But remember you did great 
You were loved then and 
You are even loved more now 
Things might have changed 
But look around,what all you have won 
'Cause you valued things that matter 
And now when you are old 
This is all that matters 
One day you will be old 
And look back and remember me 
As I remember you today.. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Some Other Day!

I thought to travel far one day
But then I had to save
And I thought some other day
And here I am, with no time

I thought to spend more time with family
But then there was an urgent work
And I thought some other day
And here I am, thousand miles away

I thought to do something different
But then there were others to please
And I thought, why not do it their way
And here I am, living for others

There is always something or someone
But there is no other time
Do what you have to, do it now
'Cause there is no next life!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Battlefield!

Once upon a time
A war broke between 
The ego of two friends
The arrow of allegations
Were fired from each end
As if that was not enough
Words like sharp sword 
Pierced each angry heart
The white blood(tears) 
Was oozing out everywhere
Yet the wall of ego
Stood tall and unshattered
The final blow came when
There was no more armour left 
And they abandoned the battlefield
And it was then, my friend
The death of our friendship!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Like A Moth To A Flame

A moth was in love 
With a flame so divine
Drawn to flame's glory 
Or drawn to it's own fate

Everyday moth would wander in search of it's love
And every night it sat around flame watching it shed tears 

Moth knew flame can't be his 
And he can't be of flame
But then we are drawn to things 
That we can never have

Moth wanted to kiss the fire that meant his end by all means 
But love was all but wait for them 

And so it happened 
One day moth flew into the fire
And fire gulped in red flames of tears 
Moth gave up his life for one kiss 

Fire cried that night till there was nothing but smoke
Lingering around even though the writhing flame was dead

This was a love story of a moth and a flame
Love is not for faint hearts 
But for brave and daring souls 
Cause true love is hard to come by 

And if it does, be willing to sail through the storm
Even if it means to drown in the wrecking storm.. 

Written for Poetry Jam!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Life is as beautiful as you make it!

Have you ever wondered what makes life so beautiful?
Death, I shall answer

The fear to lose someone
The fear whether you will see tomorrow's dawn
The fear you don't have infinite time in this world
The fear if you don't say it today, you might never as well

Have you ever wondered what makes life so beautiful?
Love, I shall answer

The feeling of being with someone
The feeling of being loved and cared
The feeling of getting lost in someone's arms
The feeling that I will never have to be alone again

Have you ever wondered what makes life so beautiful?
It is you, I shall answer

You are the writer of your story
You are the light in the darkness
Believe in the magic you hold
It is you that makes your life beautiful..

Prompts: Life is as beautiful as you make it!

A Starfall - Haiku

Somewhere a couple fights
A child wishes upon a white star
Far in sky a star falls..

A child should never have to witness their parents fights or any kind of violence. I wish a happier world for all these lovely children. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

It was the Eyes that fell in love!

Across the hall,he stood
Just far enough to be seen
Where words won't travel
Amidst the noise so loud

Their eyes met for the first time
Hung upon each other
As if they knew each other for long
More than the facades, the hidden self

Everything fell silent
When their eyes met 
Their eyes alone spoke
The first time they met

Their eyes spoke-
Spoke enough 
To indulge in a 
Long silent conversation

I never really fell
For him for his charms
I drowned in the deepness
Of his sparkling eyes

It was the eyes that met first 
It was my eyes that fell in love with your's..

The eyes are the most romantic poetry prompts and there is so much I want to write but for now it is the love story of Eyes, as its said "
What the eye does not admire the heart does not desire.."

Saturday, February 28, 2015

GOD - I wonder!

I wonder how he is like
I wonder how he would sound
There are so many questions
And yet I believe in him so deeply

The world is his creation
A creation I can only imagine
Then how can I not admire him
Who created something so wonderful

The miracle of life and death
Each in his hand and yet so humble
How can I not bow to him
Who has the power so immense

He gives everyone something
And never everything to one
I will never understand how he works
And yet I have faith in him so deep

I wonder if he can hear 
I wonder if he can see
There are so many questions
And yet I pray daily..


Poetry Prompt - Spiritual

Friday, February 27, 2015

Life's Choices

Two trains wait upfront
To take me somewhere
I have wished to be for long
But I can only travel one

Where my heart lies,it's difficult to stay
When each was my choice when I first started
But now I have to choose 
Between my choices

How can I decide so soon
When only so far I can see
From where I stand in life
Each sways into a blissful turn

What holds behind that turn
I will never know till I board
But if I step in one today
There is no knowing what lies on the other

Each will take me closer to my dream 
But what holds at the next station 
Whether there will be a train to board
How can I know and yet have to decide 

I am lucky to have a choice 
For now, I will decide the best
'Cause what lies ahead I will never know
And worrying about it will neither help 

But for today I have a choice to make 
For once, I will decide what my heart wants
For once, I will have a leap of faith 
For once, I hope I have chosen the best!


I am standing at a point in my life where I had to make a choice, a choice that will define my career and my life. Hopefully some years down the line I can happily say what I chose made all the difference. :)

Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Trek To Remember!

A view from Savandurga Hill
The Mighty Ten - At the top

A wild hill stood in the front 
A step forward or journey back home
Excitement took over the dilemma
And I found myself walking forward

Tracks laid in front through wilderness of nature
There were many before us, I think
Who dared to climb the lonely hill
I wonder how many did reach the top

There was a feeling of calmness in the wild
Serenity in the open blue sky
In the company of friends 
It took three long hours to climb

Finally there we were at the top 
Where everything felt so beautiful
Where you could see the birds gliding below
And follow the river for miles

To lay and gaze at the open blue sky
Or stare below at the vast green lands
Close my eyes and feel the breeze
Or open my eyes and capture the beauty

There was so much I wanted to do
But then there is only so much you can do 
In the home of wild nature
And you must return to yours at the end

For now, I shall retract my steps 
But then I will return some other day
 To continue where I left today
A journey I look forward to endeavor..

Savandurga is a place with a fort on a lofty mountain, about 60 km from Bengaluru. The hill consists of two granite cliffs of 4000 feet tall and 13 kilometers (8 miles) in circumference , one called Bilibetta or white peak, another Karibetta or black peak.It was a prominent place during the Hoysala rule. The hill fort on the top of the outcrop was erected in 1543 by Samanta Raya.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Promises Of Tomorrow

May be tonight it's dark
But it will be bright tomorrow
There is a hope in the stars today
That speaks of a brighter tomorrow

May be it was hard today
But then it will be better tomorrow
There is a feeling I have 
That believes in a happier tomorrow

May be things didn't go the right way
But tomorrow something good will happen
There is a probability at play
That ensures I will win someday

Sun will shine brighter tomorrow
And the day will be merrier
There is a hope in the wind today
That whispers the promises of tomorrow..

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I - A little about me

I come from a faraway land
Where the sky is vast and the stars are bright
Where the soul is free and life flourishes in the midst of a desert
I am from Rajasthan, land of colors and boisterous festivities
I am second born to a lovely family 
I am a girl with hope and compassion 

With dreams high and desire to learn, I stepped into college 
Brought out the leadership qualities to the fore 
And put the enormous potential into action 
Then there was time for another chapter 
The little bird finally left the comforting nest 
And there I was with new wings to fly and explore the world 

Ups and down, twist and turns; I have seen them all in life 
Learn from the lows and grow with the highs 
But still stay grounded to the core that’s the gist of my life 
I am a girl who never quits and will try again and again 
I am a ship that sails and rides the billows wild and free 
With the wind I sail and roar against the fierce storm 

I am a bird trying to fly beyond the horizon 
Even though it has been hard on the path to here 
And you may see me struggle but you will never see me fall 
Like the ocean whose tides many times they are down 
But invariably they rise, from nadir to the crest 
With more vigor than before; more hungrier than ever 

And now that I have learnt to overcome the odds
Here I am again, to learn as I grow and contribute in every way I can
Knowing where I came from, going somewhere I wish to be
A bridge in my journey, I am determined to cross
To be able to touch the sky and fly beyond
A step closer to the sky; a step closer to my dream..


Written for an essay . hope you all will enjoy reading it and knowing me!! :)