Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Battlefield!

Once upon a time
A war broke between 
The ego of two friends
The arrow of allegations
Were fired from each end
As if that was not enough
Words like sharp sword 
Pierced each angry heart
The white blood(tears) 
Was oozing out everywhere
Yet the wall of ego
Stood tall and unshattered
The final blow came when
There was no more armour left 
And they abandoned the battlefield
And it was then, my friend
The death of our friendship!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Like A Moth To A Flame

A moth was in love 
With a flame so divine
Drawn to flame's glory 
Or drawn to it's own fate

Everyday moth would wander in search of it's love
And every night it sat around flame watching it shed tears 

Moth knew flame can't be his 
And he can't be of flame
But then we are drawn to things 
That we can never have

Moth wanted to kiss the fire that meant his end by all means 
But love was all but wait for them 

And so it happened 
One day moth flew into the fire
And fire gulped in red flames of tears 
Moth gave up his life for one kiss 

Fire cried that night till there was nothing but smoke
Lingering around even though the writhing flame was dead

This was a love story of a moth and a flame
Love is not for faint hearts 
But for brave and daring souls 
Cause true love is hard to come by 

And if it does, be willing to sail through the storm
Even if it means to drown in the wrecking storm.. 

Written for Poetry Jam!