Friday, February 28, 2014

Life's Train

Life is like a train journey
Between every destination that we behold
Some of us travel on that train
Waiting for the destination to arrive
Others looking backward and feeling nostalgic
And some just want the journey to continue
With no longing for destination to arrive

People come aboard and sit for a while
Others ride short distances
Each travel with a different purpose to a different destination
And each has a different story to tell
We make friends, fall in love in that short journey
 And share our journey for sometime along
But then we all have to leave to board another train

In our lives, we all have missed certain destined train
 Boarded a random train that changed our destination
Left a journey at a random midpoint station
And that has shaped our life the way it is
Such is the life's train but only going forward
Once you board a train leading to a destination
There is no turning back 
Only a glimpse of the boarding station and then gone forever...

Saturday, February 22, 2014


If you help people
They will come back to you every time they need help
But still help them if you can

If you love someone deeply
He/she will break your heart someday
But still love when ever you can with all your heart

If you smile always
Life will try hard to make you cry
But still smile 'cause life is too small to be sad

If you forgive people once
They will come back to stab you again
But still forgive them for your own good
If you are kind enough to lend one finger
People will grab your hand and pull you down
But still lend help whenever you can

If you do good to people
They might forget it tomorrow
But still do good whenever you can

Whatever you are, will be questioned
Whatever you will be tomorrow, would still be questioned
At the end what matters is what you want to be and what you are...

Friday, February 14, 2014



Some call it a weed
And some call it a flower
But no matter what they call
It's a beautiful creation of god

Field full of swaying dandelions
Bring a smile on everyone's face
Many flowers each dandelion beholds
Each waiting to spread its wing and fly

And when it dares to spill its seed
They all glide like a tiny umbrella
To a far away land
Where they can grow and spread some smile..

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Forever Together in Love

He was a charming guy
Walking on a road leading to the infinite sky
Wandering in the lonely world
With a heart of a warrior
And a strong desire to aim the sky

She was a seamless dreamer
Walking on a road where destiny takes
Enjoying whatever comes in her life
With a heart of a philanthropist
And sweet dreams of a fairy world

He strived hard to make dreams a reality
For her dreams were the only reality
He was candid and carefree
While she cared a lot for everything and anything
Differences were many and similarities none

And yet one day their paths crossed in a wild
They shared a beautiful journey for sometime along
Before their paths diverged in the woods
Forever or for a while, none can tell
Just hoping their paths shall cross again

In the meanwhile
In the crossing so small
Love left their lives forever changed…