Friday, January 31, 2014

A Child's Laugh..

A child's laughter can bring a smile
To anyone's face in its reach in a mile
Such an innocence which an adult can never have
And can only wish to ever have and never fake
The child's laughter has a cheerful sound
And a music to our ears wherever found

Something so pure, full of innocence and joy
Which adults can only watch and enjoy
The laughter brings back the memory of the past
Of the youthful days that flew by so fast
The laughter so full of life and free
Is the merriest sound in the world for me…

A Bond

Strange as it seems,you meet a person
And you build a bond which you care not to break

 A simple hello builds into long conversations
And the time passes by with the blink of an eye

Those beautiful conversations transform into a memory
Memories that you will seek all your life

Blessed I am to find another bond in you
Which I shall cherish no matter what...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Someday you will..

Someday you will believe
In wishing on falling stars
Someday you will believe
In miracles of life
Someday you will believe
In love at first sight

Someday you will believe that
I and you were meant to be
Someday you will believe
In the power of destiny
Someday you will, I know
Somehow I know, you will

'Cause I believe in love
And someday you will...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two Caged Birds

It was a beautiful rainy evening
When he bought two caged birds
I was amazed as he was afraid of birds
Yet he bought two priceless lives just to free them
The birds squeaked and were agitated
They might not speak our language
But they knew they were sold

How ironic life can be at times
While they were meant to dare
And claim the sky with their little wings
Those beautiful creatures fluttered aimlessly in the cage 
Having only the other bird and caged walls to claim as their world
I wonder if they even remember what it was
To wander aimlessly in the serene sky

It was almost dark when rain stopped
I slowly opened the cage with caution
The elder bird flew within seconds
But it took a while for the little bird to fly
As if the little bird couldn’t believe
The vast sky that nature beholds was now in her reach
At last the bird flew towards the settling sun

We stood there observing them making their way 
Towards the ever-receding horizon,when he whispered
“Fly so high little bird, where none can find you
Let the sky be your kingdom and
Never let anyone take it from you ever again
So soar high little bird, 
Let the wind take you along beyond human reach….”

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Evil vs Good

"Let’s punish him", said the first
"No we’ll not”, said the other
"Why? He did wrong to us, let’s make him pay”, argued the first
"I agree, but I will not take revenge" said the other
"He will trouble us again tomorrow", raising his tone said the first
There was a profound silence for a while.
The first continued, "No one will ever know
He has to pay for his wrongdoings."
"No” shouted the other
"We won't do such a thing, we aren’t like him.
I heartily forgive him for good,
We shall not discuss further."

There was a shrill cry heard from the first
And he resided in his dwelling
Waiting silently for another day
When he would have his way
But today the devil inside me lost
Once again this time.…