Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In a fabled garden

In a fabled garden, on a balmy summer evening
I happen to walk alone through the dusty trails
Garden-a paradise for kids in the blissful evening
And a stage for the adults, where insanity prevails

As I strolled further, I was joined by the worldly aunts
After a brief hello, I retrieved from the hustled gathering
To the farthest corner where their voices won't haunt
Only to find little bundles of joy playing and giggling

As I sat there observing them play among themselves
Hands clasped together far from the high profile saga
One of them grabbed my hand, seeing me sitting alone
How open they are to the world and so far from the drama

I loved the touch of her silken hand that softly clinged to mine
Least I say I was smitten by the innocence in her twinkling eyes
They called me to their little wonderland, to play and dine
And together we counted twinkling stars in the moonlit sky

It became a routine thereafter, that never could I miss
Not a care in the world: no false appearances, no lies
Just promises to hold each other always, at all times
Mumbled in sweet chatters that I will never understand…

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Its all about WORDS

Words, they say speak for all
Yet I believe they say nothing at all
It's hard to say the right thing at the right time
Pain,sorrow and anger are all words create sometimes

The silence, it says nothing at all
But yet it is the best conversation of all
The words lose their meaning they say,after being said
Yet I believe they attain eternity the very moment they are said

Words have often failed me and not the silence
'Cause there is lot to say, but the words aren't good enough
Be gentle with words, even with the miraculous ones
'Cause it may not take a second to say, but the impact stays forever

Monday, August 12, 2013

Memory Labyrinth

Yesterday I took a nostalgic trip down my memory lane
And  my heart was soaked with sweet pain
A beautiful labyrinth built over years
Each wall laid with a memory to cheer

Happiness which was once enjoyed so deeply
Was engraved in immortal memories forever
As I neared to the end of my forgotten lane
I turned to have a final glimpse of my labyrinth
before I closed the door until next time.
Crimson tears gather from deep within my heart
In the pain of the blithesome days that aren't anymore...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


As I gaze in the star filled sky
Far in the sky a star descends
from heaven to earth
Sitting on the stairs
I observe an innocent child

Wishing upon the falling star
with his closed eyes
A smile sets on my face
To see hope is still alive
in this vicious world of heartless mankind.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hush Little Angel

Hush little angel, close your eyes
Mama is going to sing you a lullaby

Dream queen will take you for a ride
Mama going to watch you all through ride
Hold my hand and close your eyes
Mama is going to sing you a lullaby

On that ride you shall meet fairies
They shall play with you in your dreams
Listen to the fairies, close your eyes
Mama is going to sing you a lullaby

Each of the fairies in that wonderland
Shall bless you my angel with their waving wands
God bless you my angel, close your eyes
Mama is going to sing you a lullaby

Sleep my angel, close your eyes
Mama is going to sing you a lullaby