Saturday, September 27, 2014

Clouds - Floating beauty in the Sky!

They call me floating beauty of the sky 
I am a saviour in the scorching summer
Casting a barrier when the sun is too angry
I extinguish the thirst of the lovely earth 
And move with daring wind with speed of light

I am a beauty with imagination, if you must know
Those funny images you see in the distant sky
A dragon sometimes and perhaps sometimes a fairy
And you think your mind is playing a trick
Oh! It is me playing around a bit when it gets little boring

I love to dress up, blending with nature's paint
Changing shape and colour to light up the dull blue sky
Oh! don't you think I am always so calm
I do get angry and when I do 
There is flash of violent light and thunders roll

I come close to the earth in winters for a while
When sun isn't around to play hide and seek
In the form of fog, I visit earth
And when sun returns from its vacation
Puff! I am gone with wind! 
Written for Poetry Jam!


  1. Really like this one, Ankita! I don't know if I have ever seen clouds so well described. I like the idea of clouds changing shape and color to light up the dull blue sky; and I especially like the description of the angry clouds and the ending with clouds gone with the wind. Lovely writing, Ankita.

    1. I have been amazed by clouds all my life. :) Thank you Mary for such a beautiful comment.

  2. Such a lovely personification of clouds, so beautiful:)

    1. It always a pleasure to have you here Vandana! :) Thank you for reading! :)

  3. Clouds are indeed beauty with imagination. I like to see them change colors and shapes. I liked that you adopted their point of view in your poem, Ankita.

  4. I love that this poem speaks from the clouds' perspective. Cool idea. Love the idea of the clouds forming shapes when they get a little bored!

  5. Clouds have such energy and apparent free will, no wonder we watch them with admiration, perhaps even jealousy.

  6. so beautiful voice of the cloud...

  7. very cool exploration of the clouds....they can def be fog this morning but we have had quite a bit here in the season change....

  8. Clouds are the muse for those with a great a poet or artist. You have voiced that here perfectly Ankita! :-)

  9. Love that you took the clouds' point of view. Really enjoyed reading this. It is clear yet lovely use of words.

  10. I enjoyed your personification of clouds!

  11. I remember when I used to lie back on my terrace and watch the clouds, see for shapes, wait for rain :) I sometimes do that even now. Beauty in the sky, yes I agree. especially at sunset. Liked this.

  12. Lovely write, Ankita. I enjoyed reading this.

  13. Beautifully written and such heart felt expression, love this.

  14. Oh this is a great poem. I could just see each of the things you described.


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