Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Trek To Remember!

A view from Savandurga Hill
The Mighty Ten - At the top

A wild hill stood in the front 
A step forward or journey back home
Excitement took over the dilemma
And I found myself walking forward

Tracks laid in front through wilderness of nature
There were many before us, I think
Who dared to climb the lonely hill
I wonder how many did reach the top

There was a feeling of calmness in the wild
Serenity in the open blue sky
In the company of friends 
It took three long hours to climb

Finally there we were at the top 
Where everything felt so beautiful
Where you could see the birds gliding below
And follow the river for miles

To lay and gaze at the open blue sky
Or stare below at the vast green lands
Close my eyes and feel the breeze
Or open my eyes and capture the beauty

There was so much I wanted to do
But then there is only so much you can do 
In the home of wild nature
And you must return to yours at the end

For now, I shall retract my steps 
But then I will return some other day
 To continue where I left today
A journey I look forward to endeavor..

Savandurga is a place with a fort on a lofty mountain, about 60 km from Bengaluru. The hill consists of two granite cliffs of 4000 feet tall and 13 kilometers (8 miles) in circumference , one called Bilibetta or white peak, another Karibetta or black peak.It was a prominent place during the Hoysala rule. The hill fort on the top of the outcrop was erected in 1543 by Samanta Raya.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Promises Of Tomorrow

May be tonight it's dark
But it will be bright tomorrow
There is a hope in the stars today
That speaks of a brighter tomorrow

May be it was hard today
But then it will be better tomorrow
There is a feeling I have 
That believes in a happier tomorrow

May be things didn't go the right way
But tomorrow something good will happen
There is a probability at play
That ensures I will win someday

Sun will shine brighter tomorrow
And the day will be merrier
There is a hope in the wind today
That whispers the promises of tomorrow..

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I - A little about me

I come from a faraway land
Where the sky is vast and the stars are bright
Where the soul is free and life flourishes in the midst of a desert
I am from Rajasthan, land of colors and boisterous festivities
I am second born to a lovely family 
I am a girl with hope and compassion 

With dreams high and desire to learn, I stepped into college 
Brought out the leadership qualities to the fore 
And put the enormous potential into action 
Then there was time for another chapter 
The little bird finally left the comforting nest 
And there I was with new wings to fly and explore the world 

Ups and down, twist and turns; I have seen them all in life 
Learn from the lows and grow with the highs 
But still stay grounded to the core that’s the gist of my life 
I am a girl who never quits and will try again and again 
I am a ship that sails and rides the billows wild and free 
With the wind I sail and roar against the fierce storm 

I am a bird trying to fly beyond the horizon 
Even though it has been hard on the path to here 
And you may see me struggle but you will never see me fall 
Like the ocean whose tides many times they are down 
But invariably they rise, from nadir to the crest 
With more vigor than before; more hungrier than ever 

And now that I have learnt to overcome the odds
Here I am again, to learn as I grow and contribute in every way I can
Knowing where I came from, going somewhere I wish to be
A bridge in my journey, I am determined to cross
To be able to touch the sky and fly beyond
A step closer to the sky; a step closer to my dream..


Written for an essay . hope you all will enjoy reading it and knowing me!! :)