Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Brighter, Better New Year!

Another year has passed
With love and laughter
Some milestone achieved
And some yet to encounter

With mix emotions
We all celebrate new year
Opening the new book with joy
And closing the old one with sigh

As we approach the threshold
Of another lovely year
Oh! I wish it will be happier
And I wish you my dear
Oh happy, happy bright new year!!

Puzzling Life

Life is a puzzle
We’re trying to solve
 Answer to one
Leaves a question for the next
That’s life
You never know
You’re never sure
Here you are
just trying to survive…

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It's Christmas Time!

Amidst the white winter
And falling snow flakes
When everyone is sound asleep
Santa Claus silently rides his sleigh
Through snow covered lands and frozen lakes
Ah! It is sweet Christmas time

Stockings are hung across chimneys
And desires crawl in all hearts
Children are tucked in bed
With dreams of gifts
And chocolate pies lingering around
Ah! It is sweet Christmas time

Beribboned Christmas trees stand proudly
Amidst the beautifully wrapped gifts
Sound of carols and bells echo in the air
Celebrations give a springtime feeling
In the middle of withered winter
Ah! It is sweet Christmas time

Let the smile and joy spread
As the snowflakes fall
The night is sparkling with cheers and laughter
Don't you let it go
Ah! It is sweet Christmas time
And I wish you and yours, a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Knowing how to talk
And still choosing not to speak

Knowing how to walk
And still not traveling wrong lanes

Knowing how to shout
And still choosing to be peaceful

Knowing how to cheat
And still choosing to be honest

Knowing how to hurt
And still choosing to love

Knowing how to be rude
And still choosing to be kind

Knowing everything, yet knowing nothing
Is what makes you wise..

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Enchanted To Meet You

There I was strolling at night
Wandering as a lonely tide
Faking greetings, forcing smiles
When you made your way through crowd

Silence filled my empty head
And people chattering disappeared
All I saw was you and me
Talking, laughing in secrecy

Your presence made me smile
And all I did was look in your eyes
To find answer to my many questions
That I shall never dare ask

We sat there for long and talked
And then I had to leave for night
You offered to walk me home
And I was wonder struck to hear

Moon was shining so bright
And my heart was full of delight
Everything seemed so perfect that night
As if you and I were meant to meet

And today all I wonder if you ever knew
That I was enchanted to meet you
That I never wanted that evening to end
That you and I were meant to be…

Friday, November 29, 2013

Waiting by the River (A song on the tone of 'Stairway to Heaven')

There's a girl who believes in elves and fairies
And she's waiting by river for her prince.
When she waits for long and her prince doesn't come
With the wand she can get back home.
Ooh, ooh, she is waiting by the river for her prince.

There's a book she has read but she wants to be sure
'Cause her prince is all she cares about.
At the coast by the river, there's a house of an elf,
Sometime all you want to see is there.

Oooh, she is waiting,
Oooh, she is waiting.

She's sitting by river and gazing at the sky
And she is waiting for her prince.
In her dreams she has seen him coming through trees,
And the smile on her face lit the forest.

Oooh, she is waiting,
Oooh, she is waiting.

And she has waited for long, if he doesn't come along,
Then the stories will lose their meaning.
When new day will dawn, she will not sit along
And the fairies and elves will be saddened.

If the birds sing along , don't be alarmed,
They are just singing to make her smile.
Yes, they are accompanying her, but she has to wait
There is nothing she can do to change it.
And she is waiting

And as the wind blows her hair
She looks in front of her.
There sits a prince we all know
Who smiles and wants to show her
How everything is going to be perfect.
And if you believe in fairies
Then the dreams will all come true.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Standing on the Threshold

Far I have come in the journey I behold
With blowing wind and sailing stones
That today I stand across the threshold
Of my long forgotten childhood, alone

With growing responsibilities and plans
I can't remember when childhood slipped
Like sand through my clasped hands
Now childhood feels like a fairy tale

Those endless fun days, with no care
When toys and friends made my world
And life was full of colors and teddy bears
When innocent dreams and smile weren't faked

It was the time when I lived only in dreams
Sorrows never occupied any space
Life was all about Disney themes
And there was nothing to worry nor any race

Then one day things changed as I happen to cross
The threshold of my misty fairyland

And as I stand across
Childhood is left behind

Forever to be sealed in memories
But the child in me will never die...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

White Winter

With gusts of tumbling snow
White winter has long thrived
Colorful flowers no longer grow
And gardens have been deprived

Birds have flown to far away land
And gardens exist only in words
Ohh.. I miss the sparkling sun
And the chirping of morning birds

Lonely cold wind whispers at night
As autumn slowly turns into winter
Leafless trees stand alone like knights
While golden leaves lay on ground

Slowly snow shall cover them all up
With love and warmth of white quilt
As if nature wants them to sleep
Till spring brings along cheerful life...

Monday, November 11, 2013

What would I do..

What would I say 
to make you mine?
What would I give
to see you beside?

What would I do
to never let you go?
What would I say 
to make you smile?

I don't know my love
I don't know how
But I know I will
Do everything I can
To never make you cry....

Friday, November 1, 2013

A New Canvas

Credits: Pencil in Hand
Every new day is like a blank canvas
As the day goes you paint like an artist
With love and smiles or hatred and sadness
What you shall paint is in your own hands
The emotions with which you paint
Speaks a thousand word you can't
Smile and spread the joy as another day pass
To paint a picture with kaleidoscopic colors
'Cause you can't expect picture to be colorful and bright
If all you have used are grey shades to paint.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


You will never know
And it shall ever grow
In the walls of your heart
So deep it will thrive with time
Eating every feeling that sinks
On the way you can think

There is always a choice
To forgive forever and rejoice
But if you let it ever grow
With every second you know
It shall rip your golden heart
Fleck by fleck, till it consumes all
Only to leave you with a black heart...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fairy Tales

When  sun  meets  the  endless horizon
Or sky beholds the shimmering rainbow
It  is  then  a  hidden  door is revealed
To  the   world   of  baffling mysteries

O' It is a  sweet  fairy tale  so read on
For the magic and mysteries it reveals

A  place  where  fairies  and  elves dwell
And ferocious dragons fly so high in sky
Where there is always a sparkling spring
And  flowers  blossom  all  through year
It is a fairy tale and nothing is impossible
So read on  for the enchantment it holds

A  place  where broken wing isn't a issue
'Cause you can fly so high without wings
A place that  holds myriad wishing wells
And river with  power of healing waters
It is a  fairy  tale with  mystic  meadows
So read  on  for the mysteries it  unfolds

But even  in  the land of fairies and elves
Struggle  exists  and dark magic prevails
Deep in the forest monstrous beast dwell
To challenge the king of his peaceful reign
It  is a  enchanting  fairy tale  so read on
For  the  defeat of dark  lord  is destined

Fairy dust will always find prince a way 
A god fairy will bless you with her wand
And dark magic will never rule fairyland
No  matter how much  things  fall  apart
It is  a  beautiful  fairy  tale  so  read  on
'Cause  things  will  go right  in  the  end

Such are the fairy tales of my childhood
Beautiful stories in a far  far away land
So read on till the next fairy tale is revealed
'Cause my magical pen will write on......

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today I Shall..

Far I have come in the journey I behold
With the blowing wind and sailing water
That I have long forgotten where I once started 
And now when I wish to travel back
With myriad questions I stand on empty road

Gazing at the endless silent roads
In a yellow dim light far from abode
Chilling wind breezing through my hair
And twinkling stars above in sky so rare
Wondering which shall take me home

Far in the sky I see a moving light
And it brings along a little delight
Today I shall travel back in mysterious time
To claim what was left behind....

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Love Song

Night has come
And I shall hum
Song of our love
Pure as heaven above

I close my eyes
I see you there
And rest is sure
My love, I care

With love so tender
My heart just wanders
I dance in sway
Till dawn is away

I close my eyes
I see you there
And rest I can say
I will never be away

I shall come
Tomorrow again
When night unveils
To tell our tale

Till then my love
Close your eyes
To see our world
That we forever hold....

Thursday, October 3, 2013

To your waiting list, I shall put an end.

Yes, I will come to dine with you my friend
In response to the beautiful invite you penned
When the sun is about to bid goodbye
and the night is to unveil itself

With a bouquet of flower I shall come 
and a box full of your favorite chocolates so yum 
We shall dine, we shall talk 
till the moon is high in the sky 

And as the beautiful dinner nears its end 
I shall have to leave you my friend 
But I shall return when you will ask 
that is a promise I shall keep

I shall come for my dear friend 
To your waiting list, I shall put an end. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's Autumn Again

As summer bids a tender farewell, once again this time
Autumn unveils with beautiful chromatic colors in line
Golden leaves fall gracefully in grief from heaven to earth
Covering the shivering earth with a blanket of crimson leaves

Leaves fall, as if they were never meant for withering trees
But to break free and sail in the silent autumn breeze

The music of the falling leaves in autumn rings a bell
Of memories sad or happy that my heart can only tell

Birds glide to find a new nest, through the blue radiant sky
In search of warmth and shelter before the autumn passes by
Swaying wind paints the boundless horizon in crimson colors
Like an artist painting a paradise, with a brilliant brush

Soon the last crimson leaf will slowly fall to the ground
To mark the arrival of white winter, once again this time….

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wandering River

flows like
a wandering river
finding its way from
wild adolescence to calm and serene sea.
With twists and
turns it shall flow
to finally merge
into the

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why ?

Rarity is what everyone seeks,
yet people follow the common freaks.
Why what you want and what you do are different!

Truth is what people want to listen,
yet all people do is lie as tradition.
Why what you want and what you do are different!

Help is what people seek when in trouble,
yet people think hundred times before offering one.
Why what you want and what you do are different!

Peace is what all people crave,
yet people find reasons for the disharmony.
Why what you want and what you do are different!

Unconditional love is all what people crave,
yet people love with all the conditions they can dare.
Why what you want and what you do are different!
Honesty is what people appreciate,
yet dishonesty prevails deep in their hearts. 
Why what you want and what you do are different!
Give what you want, and you shall have the same,
'Cause sooner or later what you give is what you get.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

You can...but you can't...

You can teach someone to hate
But you can't teach someone to love
You can teach someone to be smart
But you can't teach someone to be innocent
You can teach someone to be ignorant
But you can't teach someone to be kind
You can teach someone to be angry
But you can't teach someone to have patience

We are born with the knowledge of the latter
But we learnt the former with the passing time
And now, no matter how much we want to relearn
What once was so deeply engraved in our heart, we can't
Cause most beautiful things in life can't be taught
They just happen, and when they do
Everything else around seems to be so beautiful…..

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sea and the Soul..


Sitting on sand at the coast on an evening,
I was amazed to see the beauty of the sparkling sea;

The roaring sound of the water was a melody to my ears,
As if it was whispering something to me;

The coastal wind was brushing through my hair,
As if it was telling me I was not alone there;

Every time the sea water touched my feet,
I felt it wanted to take me with it somewhere;

I wanted to see the mystery that vast ocean held,
I wanted to go, but something held me back;

As I looked around I saw no one,
Far across in the sky the sun was about to meet the ocean;

And I was sure, it was my soul,
Longing to be heard, longing to break free... 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In a fabled garden

In a fabled garden, on a balmy summer evening
I happen to walk alone through the dusty trails
Garden-a paradise for kids in the blissful evening
And a stage for the adults, where insanity prevails

As I strolled further, I was joined by the worldly aunts
After a brief hello, I retrieved from the hustled gathering
To the farthest corner where their voices won't haunt
Only to find little bundles of joy playing and giggling

As I sat there observing them play among themselves
Hands clasped together far from the high profile saga
One of them grabbed my hand, seeing me sitting alone
How open they are to the world and so far from the drama

I loved the touch of her silken hand that softly clinged to mine
Least I say I was smitten by the innocence in her twinkling eyes
They called me to their little wonderland, to play and dine
And together we counted twinkling stars in the moonlit sky

It became a routine thereafter, that never could I miss
Not a care in the world: no false appearances, no lies
Just promises to hold each other always, at all times
Mumbled in sweet chatters that I will never understand…

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Its all about WORDS

Words, they say speak for all
Yet I believe they say nothing at all
It's hard to say the right thing at the right time
Pain,sorrow and anger are all words create sometimes

The silence, it says nothing at all
But yet it is the best conversation of all
The words lose their meaning they say,after being said
Yet I believe they attain eternity the very moment they are said

Words have often failed me and not the silence
'Cause there is lot to say, but the words aren't good enough
Be gentle with words, even with the miraculous ones
'Cause it may not take a second to say, but the impact stays forever

Monday, August 12, 2013

Memory Labyrinth

Yesterday I took a nostalgic trip down my memory lane
And  my heart was soaked with sweet pain
A beautiful labyrinth built over years
Each wall laid with a memory to cheer

Happiness which was once enjoyed so deeply
Was engraved in immortal memories forever
As I neared to the end of my forgotten lane
I turned to have a final glimpse of my labyrinth
before I closed the door until next time.
Crimson tears gather from deep within my heart
In the pain of the blithesome days that aren't anymore...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


As I gaze in the star filled sky
Far in the sky a star descends
from heaven to earth
Sitting on the stairs
I observe an innocent child

Wishing upon the falling star
with his closed eyes
A smile sets on my face
To see hope is still alive
in this vicious world of heartless mankind.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hush Little Angel

Hush little angel, close your eyes
Mama is going to sing you a lullaby

Dream queen will take you for a ride
Mama going to watch you all through ride
Hold my hand and close your eyes
Mama is going to sing you a lullaby

On that ride you shall meet fairies
They shall play with you in your dreams
Listen to the fairies, close your eyes
Mama is going to sing you a lullaby

Each of the fairies in that wonderland
Shall bless you my angel with their waving wands
God bless you my angel, close your eyes
Mama is going to sing you a lullaby

Sleep my angel, close your eyes
Mama is going to sing you a lullaby

Thursday, July 25, 2013

O' Beautiful Wind

O' beautiful wind, where do you live?
On the highest trees or over the deepest ocean
I see you nowhere yet I feel you everywhere
I hear you whispering sweetly but want to talk to you sometime

O' beautiful wind, why are you so shy?
In your company I shall have none else
I will close my eyes when you shall come
And will embrace you with a gracious smile

O' beautiful wind, do come along
We will dance with leaves and trees all day long
O' beautiful wind, take me along
There is no feeling as you flowing around...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I would rather..

I have seen people distance themselves from others
To avoid the pain of a broken heart
But do you truly live then?
I would rather love with all my broken heart
than build a world without love forever

I have seen people losing hope
To avoid the effort it takes to hold on to it
But do you truly live then?
I would rather die with a yearning hope
than live a hopeless life

I have seen people building walls around them
To avoid the pain of getting hurt again
But do you truly live then?
I would rather take a fall and learn
than sit in my palace with long walls

I have seen people lying for their fake pride
To avoid being considered weak and poor
But do you truly live then?
I would rather be hated for what I am
than being loved for what I am not

I have seen people forgetting to live
Struggling to merely exist forever
But do you truly live then? 
I would rather be immortal in someone's dreams
than live an eternal life with mere existence.
Published in the book named 'Enlightenment' by Amanda Mclaren.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

As I grew...

When did electronic gadgets replace my Barbie dolls;
When did I leave splashing on water without the care of dress being spoiled;
When did I leave not being bothered about others;
When did iPad give me more happiness then playing stepo;
When did gossips replace my innocent talks;
... When did dark chocolates replace the orange candy;
When did car replace my simple cycle;
When did songs replace the bed time stories;

I don't remember when all these things changed,
'Cause deep in my heart the latter still thrives;
Barbie dolls still catch my eyes at toy store;
Drenching in rain is all I want at times;
Swaying on swings still make me feel on seventh sky;
No matter how much I want things to remain same,
Change is the only constant in life;
Yet I don't despair that change has come;
'Cause flowing with the flow is not my style....

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

'Cause small things matter.....

It's the simple hug, few polite words
That makes a miraculous impact when you are sad
It's the presence of someone around
That makes you feel so much better in times of need

It's small deed of kindness
That makes you so different
It's the simple word sorry
That makes a difference after the fight

It's the long lazy walk with loved ones
That you always remember
It's those unimportant days
That makes a memory for lifetime
It's how you treat a person
That says more than words
It's those unexplained silences
That transforms into painful tears

For eventually, happiness cannot be bought
in materialistic things
It can be only be found in instances

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We learned it all in Childhood

Thinking back about golden days, when I was a little child
Not a care in the world, no worries, no fears for the wild
Contemplating I realize, knowledge was there in childhood
And not in being a profound scholar or in adulthood
Everything I ever need to know to thrive in this vicious world
Was taught when I was a child, is slowly unfurled

Save whatever you can and never be greedy
Respect elders and help the needy
Clean up your own stuff and put things where you found them
Never laugh at other's expense and say sorry when you hurt
Talk less, listen more; work hard, play daily
Plant a seedling and eat always healthy
Share even if it’s little, nothing is only mine
Love and live whatever you have in the present time

All of it is still true, after all these years spent
But as we grow we slowly forget things we learnt
Thinking about my present life, striving to be a child
Trying hard not to care for the world
I choose not to grow and stay close to roots
'Cause after all we all are products of our childhood.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Gracious Moon..

When the beautiful night unveils with darkness
I look for you in the starry sky above
And I find you glancing through the clouds
You feel so close yet so far, my love

Everything about your existence is amazing
The waning gibbous, the waxing half moon
And the solitary crescent, I have always been praising
But I adore the most, the gracious full moon

When everything shines in your silvery light
And only the outlines highlight in your presence
When the charmed ocean dances every night
Babbling and celebrating your eternal essence

And as the dawn makes its way with a light
I shall wait for the night to see you again
The world of night is a beautiful sight
'Cause of you, my wandering gracious moon...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

At the brink of a fall...

We never put in efforts until it is now or never
We don’t know what we have until it is gone forever
We never care enough until it is the only choice we have
We never appreciate what others have done for us until they stop doing
We never think before speaking until we really hurt someone
We never feel the need of others until we are hurt
They say we need to fall before we can rise
And now, I know that is true
‘Cause we tend to learn only at the brink of a fall.

Friday, June 14, 2013

It's the Journey that's Important...

Life is but an unspeakable journey
With each turn a new one
At times the destination is known
Other times wandering aimlessly on life's road
But somehow it leads us where we need to be
And I always question
"Is it the journey that's important,
or getting there?"

Ups and down, twist and turns
Mountains and valleys, bumps and holes
Life's road is like a blank map
I am trying to lead
Knowing often I came from
Going somewhere I wish to be
Leaving questions to ponder
Will I reach where I want to be?
"Is it the journey that's important,
or getting there?"

Though we all have an outlandish destination
Yet we share journey at some point
Often like a ride in the common bus
The joy we have in the ride
makes us forget the destination
once held so close to our heart and
wishing the journey never ends
And I slowly understand
"It the journey that's important, not getting there!"

Monday, June 10, 2013


Thought, a word that feels so much ours,
yet nothing can be stranger than our own thoughts.
Positive thoughts are like ray of hope and full of life,
negative engulf you into the darkest corner they can thrive.
If former exists somewhere latter can't be far behind.
To master the former is the hardest task for our mind,
but it is easiest to be slaves in the hand of the latter.
Who wins the fight makes us what we are,
 'Cause picture of our soul and life
are painted with colors of our own thoughts.
You can't expect the picture to be colorful and bright,
if all you have used are grey shades to paint.... Ankita

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Strange Wish...

Somewhere and sometimes I feel
I wanna seize the time with a seal

All things should freeze then and there
And wishing it to remain same forever

Reality seems to be better than dreams
And all I want is to stay in sunbeams

Though time has the peculiarity to change
Yet I have the determination so strange

Abstract wish it might seem I know
Still my heart wishes for it somehow

Juggling through times is not my way though
Will make it the same way at all the times I know...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Conversation with GOD..

Looking upon the clear sky yesterday night;
I asked GOD, “How long will I live on this beautiful planet??”
“With every clock ticking, your time to bid goodbye is nearing;
You are oldest in your life today and youngest ever going to be” he said;

A thought struck then, “Why waste time thinking about things so small?”
"Why hurt people?", when I can be the reason for someone smile;
"Why worry about people who don't care?" when people there are few who care;
And I was full of joy once again, with a bundle of experience so rare;

“Are you with me always?” My eyes question;
“Yes”, he replied, in every situation;
I looked back, and yes he was there always in my heart;
And a glimpse of his presence was felt everywhere in the past;

“Do you have faith in me??" I asked;
“As much as you have in me”, he smiled;
There was no measure of my happiness then;
And nothing in this world seemed impossible when;

I whispered "Where could I find you next time?”
"Seek, you shall find and pray, I will answer;
You are a beautiful creation of mine!” He smiled;
Always remember he said, “I am there with you always….” 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Once there was a Dragon...


Once there was a child who loved to wander
In search of peace to ponder
One day he wandered in the woods
And climbed the highest tree to see how they look

But as he climbed he saw something strange
A beautiful golden egg laid there in estrange
He was delighted, he was amazed
'Cause he had never seen something so ablaze

He waited for long to see its mother
Hours went by, but no one came to see his brother
Thereafter it became a routine for the child
To sit near the egg, to save it from the wild

Then one fine day the egg hatched
And from it came a beautiful blue dragon
There were tears of joy in child's eyes
And Emerald was the dragon named
for his enticing green colored eyes

Days passed so did the months
Together they grew in the woods
None can part them such was their bond
Together they flew over the pond

And then Emerald's only friend died
But their friendship left a tale behind...
Once there was a dragon who loved to wander
In search of his only friend I wonder...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A quest with SELF...

From dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn,
In a zest to do something different thereon;
So went the days,so went the nights,
Lived the present in haste and fright;

Yesterday's tomorrow has become present,
But the quest to achieve is still not absent;
Searching for something to ponder upon,

Life's a stone skipping across a pond;

I look back today,degrees and medals I don't see,
But the days I smiled and laughed;
Things that didn't matter then somehow,
Are the only things I cherish now;

For time has taught and so it seems,
As the journey grows to its end;
Someway, Someday, Somewhere, Somehow you will realize,
Smile happens in a flash, but memories of it lasts forever..

Friday, May 3, 2013

Joy of Giving...

Far across from the city in woods
Lived a poor boy with his woodcutter dad
Born in hardships he never complained
A lil food for two times was all he had
Yet he was happy and content
Without the toys other children dreamt of

As the Christmas was coming soon
He had his wish, a small and lil one
The night before the eve
He kept his wish below the only tree
As he went to sleep happily
His dad was tensed and far from being happy

After the lil boy slept
He went to the place where the lil boy's wish was kept
His hands shivered as he opened the piece
As he did not have a single penny to please
His eyes were full of tears as he read
"Dear Santa, I want a new axe for my dad
as his got broken few days back."

And that whole night he made a new axe from the woods
To keep the goodness and belief of lil lad
Next morning the lil boy went to the same place
No words could explain his happiness, when he saw the axe
And hopping happily he went towards his dad
Wished him Merry Christmas,and off he went to play.... 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Trail I Walked Once...

I walked a path and left a trail
With a wish to return one day with a tale

Days passed as fast as they could
I walked and walked as far as I could

Then one day I thought to return
But as I turned, I was heartburn
Though I wanted to turn back ,
There was no path to take me back

It was years that I walked that way
But the memories were fresh as daisy
A path, once I took effort to make
Was covered with hedges and leaves

I stood there, with yearning eyes
Wishing I hadn't left things for my return..
Wishing I had done what I wanted to...
Wishing I knew there was no turning back... 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Travel and Coffee....

Sitting with a coffee amidst a people from different place
Appreciation for this beautiful world is all I have
A world full of charm, beauty and adventure

Ignorant to their culture, rules, convention
I feel I am a child once again
Wondering at times how things might work 

Existence becomes a series of interesting guesses

Strolling far away from home
Where no one knows you for miles
Gives you a totally new perspective
A perspective, you cherish whole your life

Observing things becomes amusing
Listening to different music is soothing
Seeing beautiful nature is pacifying
That is the glory of foreign traveling

On this beautiful evening
As the sun settles to give its way to dazzling night
I make a wish....
A wish to see the sunset of every part of the world once....