Saturday, February 28, 2015

GOD - I wonder!

I wonder how he is like
I wonder how he would sound
There are so many questions
And yet I believe in him so deeply

The world is his creation
A creation I can only imagine
Then how can I not admire him
Who created something so wonderful

The miracle of life and death
Each in his hand and yet so humble
How can I not bow to him
Who has the power so immense

He gives everyone something
And never everything to one
I will never understand how he works
And yet I have faith in him so deep

I wonder if he can hear 
I wonder if he can see
There are so many questions
And yet I pray daily..


Poetry Prompt - Spiritual

Friday, February 27, 2015

Life's Choices

Two trains wait upfront
To take me somewhere
I have wished to be for long
But I can only travel one

Where my heart lies,it's difficult to stay
When each was my choice when I first started
But now I have to choose 
Between my choices

How can I decide so soon
When only so far I can see
From where I stand in life
Each sways into a blissful turn

What holds behind that turn
I will never know till I board
But if I step in one today
There is no knowing what lies on the other

Each will take me closer to my dream 
But what holds at the next station 
Whether there will be a train to board
How can I know and yet have to decide 

I am lucky to have a choice 
For now, I will decide the best
'Cause what lies ahead I will never know
And worrying about it will neither help 

But for today I have a choice to make 
For once, I will decide what my heart wants
For once, I will have a leap of faith 
For once, I hope I have chosen the best!


I am standing at a point in my life where I had to make a choice, a choice that will define my career and my life. Hopefully some years down the line I can happily say what I chose made all the difference. :)