Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Only Woman

There she is-
the girl of my dreams
walking gracefully like clouds glide through sky

There she is- 
the girl I love with all my heart, 
smiling in way that takes my breath away

There she is-
the girl I am going to marry, 
her eyes twinkling with promises of the future

There she is- 
the woman of my life,
walking in the lovely white laced gown 

There she is-
the love of my life, my better half
for now and forever
Here she lies at peace-
The woman I have always loved
The only woman I have ever loved...

Inspired by a short write, I read sometime back about a father re-enacting his wedding photo shoot in his house with his little daughter after his wife's untimely demise. This write I wrote was keeping him in mind as the protagonist. Hope you will enjoy reading it.


  1. This is heart-wrenchingly beautiful, Ankita! Very poignant.

  2. Ankita this is lovely from the first line to the beautiful ending. True love is eternal. :)

  3. This is a beautiful poem. I like its sad and romantic tone.


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