Saturday, May 31, 2014

City of the Future

 Standing on the terrace on a blissful night
I was waiting for my friend to arrive
As I gazed in the clear less night sky
I saw a light making its way towards me
And a broad smile sets on my face
As it came near I could see the headlights
Of the car flying swiftly towards me

The world has exceedingly advanced today
When the space on the land decreased
And the hunger to achieve in men increased
He conquered the sky within his limits
The people with money now rule the sky
While poor struggled to live on the land
Distance between rich and poor has only
Increased with the passing time

They parked momentarily on my terrace
And together we flew to the restaurant
There are air lanes and signals in the sky now
As I glanced above, I saw Mercedes and top brands flying
And not the moonlit night sky with twinkling stars
Peace is hard to find in this fast advancing life
 We soon approached the restaurant we planned to visit
An electronic man came to us for the valet parking

The services has been replaced today
By the walking gadgets in all fields
For their never making error capabilities
Robots have taken the human form
And are made perfect in every sense
One thing all they lack is a human heart
Which for years to come, human with his
Never satisfying ego will sooner or later achieve

We entered the restaurant and ordered the food
The food was perfect in taste and aroma
As machines have taken over the kitchens as well 
But it didn't feel the same
Cause it isn't made with love and care
People have learned to live with it now
After the party I soon returned to my luxurious house

Time has indeed changed a lot
People are more open to ideas and culture
But are far more closed to feelings
Everything is attainable in this materialistic world
But the value for things have gone for a toss
And this is the price we have to pay
For advancement in the domain
That were never suppose to be touched

Far we have come now and there is no turning back 
From where I stand today, past was a golden period
And what lies in future, is yet to be written
Young generation of today love the life they live
Only people who have seen the past know
What they are missing and that they will never know
World has changed for the better they say
And that has been and will be, always debatable...


  1. It's almost a journey to the time ahead....beautifully penned..
    really I think that we are becoming more mechanical day by day..
    "Distance between rich and poor has only
    Increased with the passing time "

    So true..even today..

  2. its a scary world when we lose feeling....or the need to serve one another...letting the machines take that role....what a sterile feel...we have to be careful that as we advance we dont lose what makes us human...

  3. Well, you wrote about an efficient world, but not a world with heart. I wouldn't go for such efficiency with everything robotic if it meant that in the process we all lose feelings. Hope this never happens.

  4. You have touched upon the underlying truth of all this "progress" - that society has lost a lot of its ethics and some of its heart. Hopefully enough of us know this to keep the robots from taking over. Smiles. I like it hat young people think the way you do - this is a very good and hopeful thing.

  5. "Cause it isn't made with love and care" - the invisible ingredients we cannot afford to forget. You are right, we are happy with technological progress but tend to forget that we are human beings.

  6. Very interesting. I enjoyed reading.

  7. A nice description of the upper city. Bu the city comes at a price.

  8. Several novels come to mind. for example Huxley's "Brave New World" Here you have masterfully captured the concept in poetry. A pleasure to read and contemplate.


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