Saturday, September 27, 2014

Clouds - Floating beauty in the Sky!

They call me floating beauty of the sky 
I am a saviour in the scorching summer
Casting a barrier when the sun is too angry
I extinguish the thirst of the lovely earth 
And move with daring wind with speed of light

I am a beauty with imagination, if you must know
Those funny images you see in the distant sky
A dragon sometimes and perhaps sometimes a fairy
And you think your mind is playing a trick
Oh! It is me playing around a bit when it gets little boring

I love to dress up, blending with nature's paint
Changing shape and colour to light up the dull blue sky
Oh! don't you think I am always so calm
I do get angry and when I do 
There is flash of violent light and thunders roll

I come close to the earth in winters for a while
When sun isn't around to play hide and seek
In the form of fog, I visit earth
And when sun returns from its vacation
Puff! I am gone with wind! 
Written for Poetry Jam!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I have, have I? - A Palindrome

loved you always
high or low were times
dawn to dusk, loved you always
 life was sweet, you and I
I and you, sweet was life
always you loved , dusk to dawn
times were low or high
always you loved

In a palindrome write, carefully placed words form the same sentence whether its read forward or backward.