Wednesday, August 27, 2014

School Days

How lovely were the sunny days
When we had our own mysterious ways
Days were all about gruelling fun
Teased our friends with names of someone
Life was fun without any tension
To make friends was the only intention

And crushes and heart breaks were sweet 
And we never bothered to tweet 
Lunch box was over before lunch time
And there was nothing called only mine
Last bencher I was and a notorious child
Always in trouble and doing something wild

Homework were shared to get friends out of trouble
And chits and paper planes were made during lessons
Scolding and punishments were never more fun
And when we get in trouble we used to run
Getting in trouble and chalk fights were common
And those days can never ever be forgotten

Truth is now time has passed
And reality has to be faced
But now I miss those golden days
Trying to live them again in anyway
It was best part which has now crossed
In memories it exists , the time that I have lost..
Written for Poetry Jam!


  1. You certainly have many sweet memories of your school days, Ankita. And apparently you were blessed with good and loyal friends.

  2. I really enjoyed all your memories shared, Anikita. It is cool that you have so many sunny memories. You have brought back for me some of my own memories in what you have said. I remember teasing others with someone's name and getting into mischief in a few different ways. Smiles. It is good that one can write about one's good memories, such as this, though. It preserves them forever!

  3. Really enjoyed your memories-- so universal really. I love that the poetry blog world has people from all over the world. Thanks for linking.

  4. This was the perfect challenge for 'remembering.'

  5. sweet moments relived..hmm...teasing friends with names of someone... we did that too...childhood time is fun time... :)

  6. Wow PP...another great poem..You couldn't have descried your school days any better... :)

  7. dfe have happy memories of school...mine was a mix...i have one good friend that carried over from school days....

  8. Golden days have given way to Golden memories... nicely worded, Ankita

  9. Time makes our memories sweet and blunts any pain we may have felt at the time. I enjoyed reading your poem.


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