Friday, February 26, 2016

Failure - A Bitter Truth!

When all you ever dreamed of disappears
And life comes to an unexpected halt 
And you question what went wrong
Remember some things are not just meant to be

Not all dreams are meant for reality
Not all love stories are written in heaven
Not all efforts result in something big
Not all failures are for lifetime

Years of memories can be erased in a day
From everything you have ever owned
But how can you erase memories from your head
That made you laugh till your stomach ache

Those beautiful dreams that kept you awake
Are the very reason you are afraid to close your eyes
Letting go my friend is the best you can do
In time, everything will heal

But will things be ever same again?
What you were yesterday is lost with time
But what will tomorrow bring is yet to reveal
Dream big, trust again, start afresh

It is when you are afraid to close your eyes
Work harder and make things happen
It is when all your efforts seem to be in vain
Is when you should appreciate the journey most ...

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Life - A Train Journey Between Stations

I bought a ticket and left
For a destination I planned
But when I reached the station
Holding the ticket in my hand
With a hope to make new memories
I saw the train leaving without me
And the train "Change" was waiting
To take me to a new destination

I stood there with a heavy heart
And I wish I didn't have to board
A destination I once so cherished
Now I had to leave for something new
There was a faint whistle amidst that chaos
And I knew I had to board now
If not this train then next that comes
But the destination I planned was a old memory now

I could see new faces around me
But none were from the past
Such is life - a beautiful journey between stations
Some planned and some unplanned
But no matter how good or bad the station is
Train will be there in time
You will have no choice but to board
And make the journey that you were meant to take...

Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Love Story or A Mind Game!

Its a love story about a guy who loved a girl 
The guy was perfect and so was the girl 
But in time it was revealed 
The love was more a logic 
Of what it should be 
A game well- played till the end 
With illusions and promises 
That were nothing but empty words 
But illusions don't last forever 
And one day her world was bound to crash
The girl realized in time 
It was a game and nothing more 
She was playing not to win 
But to lose one day for all 
Yet she played cause she loved him with all her heart 
But love is not what he needed 
He needed something what she never understood 
A scorecard was maintained in the game they were playing 
Which he needed to square 
In every way he can 
'Cause his worth was much more in his eyes 
Than what love could every suffice 
A game that both knew was meant to end 
Yet both played till the very end 
It wasn't that they didn't love 
But that love was never enough 
One day, the final move was made in the game of chess 
The Queen came crashing down while the King stood tall 
Love lost and logic won, once again this very time... 


Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hope you have wonderful time with your Valentine! :) 
This marks my 100th write on the blog and I hope you all enjoy reading it! 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Snowfall - A beauty!

There is something mesmerizing about snow
The flakes move so freely in the sky
And makes me wish I could fly
When finally they come to rest
They provide a soothing cover to the barren land

Stripped of its beauty in fall
Earth once again looks beautiful in winter
I wish the white veil stays with the earth
Till earth could breathe freely 
And flaunt its beauty with lovely colors one more time...
Stay warm friends!