Sunday, May 12, 2013

Once there was a Dragon...


Once there was a child who loved to wander
In search of peace to ponder
One day he wandered in the woods
And climbed the highest tree to see how they look

But as he climbed he saw something strange
A beautiful golden egg laid there in estrange
He was delighted, he was amazed
'Cause he had never seen something so ablaze

He waited for long to see its mother
Hours went by, but no one came to see his brother
Thereafter it became a routine for the child
To sit near the egg, to save it from the wild

Then one fine day the egg hatched
And from it came a beautiful blue dragon
There were tears of joy in child's eyes
And Emerald was the dragon named
for his enticing green colored eyes

Days passed so did the months
Together they grew in the woods
None can part them such was their bond
Together they flew over the pond

And then Emerald's only friend died
But their friendship left a tale behind...
Once there was a dragon who loved to wander
In search of his only friend I wonder...


  1. The prompt for this poem was the picture that I have attached. It is a tale of love and bonding between a child and a dragon.

  2. Beautifully penned down :)

  3. A beautiful story in this lovely poem, you are so talented.

    1. Thank you so much Vandana for such a lovely comment.... :)


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