Sunday, April 28, 2013

Travel and Coffee....

Sitting with a coffee amidst a people from different place
Appreciation for this beautiful world is all I have
A world full of charm, beauty and adventure

Ignorant to their culture, rules, convention
I feel I am a child once again
Wondering at times how things might work 

Existence becomes a series of interesting guesses

Strolling far away from home
Where no one knows you for miles
Gives you a totally new perspective
A perspective, you cherish whole your life

Observing things becomes amusing
Listening to different music is soothing
Seeing beautiful nature is pacifying
That is the glory of foreign traveling

On this beautiful evening
As the sun settles to give its way to dazzling night
I make a wish....
A wish to see the sunset of every part of the world once....


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