Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We learned it all in Childhood

Thinking back about golden days, when I was a little child
Not a care in the world, no worries, no fears for the wild
Contemplating I realize, knowledge was there in childhood
And not in being a profound scholar or in adulthood
Everything I ever need to know to thrive in this vicious world
Was taught when I was a child, is slowly unfurled

Save whatever you can and never be greedy
Respect elders and help the needy
Clean up your own stuff and put things where you found them
Never laugh at other's expense and say sorry when you hurt
Talk less, listen more; work hard, play daily
Plant a seedling and eat always healthy
Share even if it’s little, nothing is only mine
Love and live whatever you have in the present time

All of it is still true, after all these years spent
But as we grow we slowly forget things we learnt
Thinking about my present life, striving to be a child
Trying hard not to care for the world
I choose not to grow and stay close to roots
'Cause after all we all are products of our childhood.


  1. Ankita, always a friend to nature. You have done a great job in reminding me about childhood and giving me some good advice. Nice poem indeed my friend.

    1. It feels great to see you here Kyng. Thanks a lot for visiting and bestowing me with such kind words my friend. :)

      Best wishes

  2. please chkout my blog as well. i have a new poem i know you will love to read. its called the pleasure seller.


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