Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Standing on the Threshold

Far I have come in the journey I behold
With blowing wind and sailing stones
That today I stand across the threshold
Of my long forgotten childhood, alone

With growing responsibilities and plans
I can't remember when childhood slipped
Like sand through my clasped hands
Now childhood feels like a fairy tale

Those endless fun days, with no care
When toys and friends made my world
And life was full of colors and teddy bears
When innocent dreams and smile weren't faked

It was the time when I lived only in dreams
Sorrows never occupied any space
Life was all about Disney themes
And there was nothing to worry nor any race

Then one day things changed as I happen to cross
The threshold of my misty fairyland

And as I stand across
Childhood is left behind

Forever to be sealed in memories
But the child in me will never die...

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