Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In a fabled garden

In a fabled garden, on a balmy summer evening
I happen to walk alone through the dusty trails
Garden-a paradise for kids in the blissful evening
And a stage for the adults, where insanity prevails

As I strolled further, I was joined by the worldly aunts
After a brief hello, I retrieved from the hustled gathering
To the farthest corner where their voices won't haunt
Only to find little bundles of joy playing and giggling

As I sat there observing them play among themselves
Hands clasped together far from the high profile saga
One of them grabbed my hand, seeing me sitting alone
How open they are to the world and so far from the drama

I loved the touch of her silken hand that softly clinged to mine
Least I say I was smitten by the innocence in her twinkling eyes
They called me to their little wonderland, to play and dine
And together we counted twinkling stars in the moonlit sky

It became a routine thereafter, that never could I miss
Not a care in the world: no false appearances, no lies
Just promises to hold each other always, at all times
Mumbled in sweet chatters that I will never understand…

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  1. very very nice...I love the way you articulate your thoughts. :)


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