Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's Autumn Again

As summer bids a tender farewell, once again this time
Autumn unveils with beautiful chromatic colors in line
Golden leaves fall gracefully in grief from heaven to earth
Covering the shivering earth with a blanket of crimson leaves

Leaves fall, as if they were never meant for withering trees
But to break free and sail in the silent autumn breeze

The music of the falling leaves in autumn rings a bell
Of memories sad or happy that my heart can only tell

Birds glide to find a new nest, through the blue radiant sky
In search of warmth and shelter before the autumn passes by
Swaying wind paints the boundless horizon in crimson colors
Like an artist painting a paradise, with a brilliant brush

Soon the last crimson leaf will slowly fall to the ground
To mark the arrival of white winter, once again this time….

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  1. Beautiful photo and thoughts. Where was this photo taken?


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