Wednesday, July 17, 2013

As I grew...

When did electronic gadgets replace my Barbie dolls;
When did I leave splashing on water without the care of dress being spoiled;
When did I leave not being bothered about others;
When did iPad give me more happiness then playing stepo;
When did gossips replace my innocent talks;
... When did dark chocolates replace the orange candy;
When did car replace my simple cycle;
When did songs replace the bed time stories;

I don't remember when all these things changed,
'Cause deep in my heart the latter still thrives;
Barbie dolls still catch my eyes at toy store;
Drenching in rain is all I want at times;
Swaying on swings still make me feel on seventh sky;
No matter how much I want things to remain same,
Change is the only constant in life;
Yet I don't despair that change has come;
'Cause flowing with the flow is not my style....


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