Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Conversation with GOD..

Looking upon the clear sky yesterday night;
I asked GOD, “How long will I live on this beautiful planet??”
“With every clock ticking, your time to bid goodbye is nearing;
You are oldest in your life today and youngest ever going to be” he said;

A thought struck then, “Why waste time thinking about things so small?”
"Why hurt people?", when I can be the reason for someone smile;
"Why worry about people who don't care?" when people there are few who care;
And I was full of joy once again, with a bundle of experience so rare;

“Are you with me always?” My eyes question;
“Yes”, he replied, in every situation;
I looked back, and yes he was there always in my heart;
And a glimpse of his presence was felt everywhere in the past;

“Do you have faith in me??" I asked;
“As much as you have in me”, he smiled;
There was no measure of my happiness then;
And nothing in this world seemed impossible when;

I whispered "Where could I find you next time?”
"Seek, you shall find and pray, I will answer;
You are a beautiful creation of mine!” He smiled;
Always remember he said, “I am there with you always….” 

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