Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Trek To Remember!

A view from Savandurga Hill
The Mighty Ten - At the top

A wild hill stood in the front 
A step forward or journey back home
Excitement took over the dilemma
And I found myself walking forward

Tracks laid in front through wilderness of nature
There were many before us, I think
Who dared to climb the lonely hill
I wonder how many did reach the top

There was a feeling of calmness in the wild
Serenity in the open blue sky
In the company of friends 
It took three long hours to climb

Finally there we were at the top 
Where everything felt so beautiful
Where you could see the birds gliding below
And follow the river for miles

To lay and gaze at the open blue sky
Or stare below at the vast green lands
Close my eyes and feel the breeze
Or open my eyes and capture the beauty

There was so much I wanted to do
But then there is only so much you can do 
In the home of wild nature
And you must return to yours at the end

For now, I shall retract my steps 
But then I will return some other day
 To continue where I left today
A journey I look forward to endeavor..

Savandurga is a place with a fort on a lofty mountain, about 60 km from Bengaluru. The hill consists of two granite cliffs of 4000 feet tall and 13 kilometers (8 miles) in circumference , one called Bilibetta or white peak, another Karibetta or black peak.It was a prominent place during the Hoysala rule. The hill fort on the top of the outcrop was erected in 1543 by Samanta Raya.


  1. Beautiful, Ankita. Sometimes journeys are taken in steps, and as one goes forward sometimes one backtracks a bit but as long as one continues moving forward all is as it should be!

  2. in the home of wild nature...ha...i love nature...
    and climbing those mountains to see it laid all our before me...
    thanks for taking me there today...

  3. play outdoors and with snow balls, that's magical in many ways.

    deep and beautiful imagery.

  4. it's really rewarding when you get on top of the mountain..

  5. There is something so enchanting in climbing a hill or a mountain.... and yes there is often a wish to stay, but one always have to think about the return trip

  6. Ah.. yes.. precious moments to keep & savour... i can tell you had fun from this adventure... lovely photos you shared... smiles..

    - ksm

  7. What a GLORIOUSLY beautiful spot! I'm glad you made the trek.


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