Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Battlefield!

Once upon a time
A war broke between 
The ego of two friends
The arrow of allegations
Were fired from each end
As if that was not enough
Words like sharp sword 
Pierced each angry heart
The white blood(tears) 
Was oozing out everywhere
Yet the wall of ego
Stood tall and unshattered
The final blow came when
There was no more armour left 
And they abandoned the battlefield
And it was then, my friend
The death of our friendship!


  1. Good friends are hard to find like treasures and losing suc ha good friend is indeed the end of the world...........:(

  2. Very sad really. And in retrospect one wonders about the worth of the battle. I think so many battles just end...and both walk away...and leave only regrets for both. Hard to lose a friendship, Ankita. I've been there, and it hurts.

  3. Building ego is one of the strongest reason that friendship dies.. and when the moat is dug and the bridges raised.. not even armor can send a signal of communication... the friendship dies.

  4. Death of a friendship indeed Ankita... We've all been there i life for sure... And usually with such regret afterwards... Your poem captures all that so clearly... With Best Wishes Scott

  5. This is so vividly descriptive and I love the word choices you've made..."the arrow of allegations", that is such a graphic representation of what occurs on this particular battlefield. Really well written!

  6. Intense and emotional and so sad when friendships end with tears and ego.


  7. This is beautifully intense... with rich tone & imagery :D
    A lovely piece of work..! Lots of love

  8. I firmly believe friendships with egocentric individuals cannot be sustained. They see everything from the perspective of themselves at the center - and there's not much room there for anyone else (let alone another egocentric. Yikes! It would be a battlefield, for sure.) A very insightful write, Ankita.

  9. Without that armor or pretense we are seen as we really are; which is never as good as we thought we were. Friendship hard won is often easily lost.

  10. so sad how quickly and in anger friendships can sink.

  11. Intense leading to a fall down of a relationship.

  12. really this is how a friendship ends...ego is the root cause of all well written...

  13. Very well written. Sometimes you just have to move on, create room for a new friendship to grow.

  14. A very well worded poem. Good one.


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