Friday, February 27, 2015

Life's Choices

Two trains wait upfront
To take me somewhere
I have wished to be for long
But I can only travel one

Where my heart lies,it's difficult to stay
When each was my choice when I first started
But now I have to choose 
Between my choices

How can I decide so soon
When only so far I can see
From where I stand in life
Each sways into a blissful turn

What holds behind that turn
I will never know till I board
But if I step in one today
There is no knowing what lies on the other

Each will take me closer to my dream 
But what holds at the next station 
Whether there will be a train to board
How can I know and yet have to decide 

I am lucky to have a choice 
For now, I will decide the best
'Cause what lies ahead I will never know
And worrying about it will neither help 

But for today I have a choice to make 
For once, I will decide what my heart wants
For once, I will have a leap of faith 
For once, I hope I have chosen the best!


I am standing at a point in my life where I had to make a choice, a choice that will define my career and my life. Hopefully some years down the line I can happily say what I chose made all the difference. :)


  1. Having a choice is always the best option. One can then give lots of thought and comes up with the best given the circumstances! Great lines Ankita!


  2. a crucial stage but the heart never follow your faith and it will be for the best...a good one Ankita :)

  3. Life is like that. Having a choice is great but then the decision is yours. We make so many decisions in our lives eventually our experience shows us the wisest course.

  4. To know what your heart wants and to follow it is good thing. It does take courage to make that first step.....

  5. What a beautiful poem and one I can relate too....I say hop on the one that fills your heart the most and not look back with any regret as this was the path you should take for your life's journey!


  6. Those pivotal moments are so overwhelming...i hope all will be well

  7. I think choices are hard to make... and even if they are hard to make, it is better than when there are no choices at all... and I'm sure you made the right choice.

  8. Following your heart I feel is always the best choice. Your poem is one of my favorites. We never fully know what lies ahead. But the choice you decide to make is the one you were meant to make. Lovely writing, Ankita :)

  9. Yes, the question will never get old! "To be or not to be..." If I act now, I may be foolish. If I wait, I will miss the opportunity.

  10. The best thing you can do is make the best choice in the moment with what you know and feel and believe in the moment and then do your best to make the best outcome out of it. Best wishes to you!!

  11. When you listen to your heart... I am sure that it would suggest only the best!


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