Sunday, May 10, 2015

Some Other Day!

I thought to travel far one day
But then I had to save
And I thought some other day
And here I am, with no time

I thought to spend more time with family
But then there was an urgent work
And I thought some other day
And here I am, thousand miles away

I thought to do something different
But then there were others to please
And I thought, why not do it their way
And here I am, living for others

There is always something or someone
But there is no other time
Do what you have to, do it now
'Cause there is no next life!


  1. So ,we have to do everything in the realm and time of this life only.

    1. Indeed, my friend! So much to do and so less of time.. sigh!

  2. enjoyed reading your thoughts in this poem and a quote comes to mind "Seize the day"

    much love...

  3. "Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today" is an old adage and so true. I loved the way you wrote this and it is such good advice.

  4. Wise words. Yes, we only DO have today & must make use of it fully & not waste the time we can never regain.

  5. An excellent portrayal of Carpe Diem :D Loved it!

  6. Time surely flies by..and gets shorter the older you get..sadly

  7. Love the lesson in this poem. But from other side - to help others so noble deed...

  8. Great wisdom expressed in a great poem.

  9. or never...nicely put...


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