Saturday, February 28, 2015

GOD - I wonder!

I wonder how he is like
I wonder how he would sound
There are so many questions
And yet I believe in him so deeply

The world is his creation
A creation I can only imagine
Then how can I not admire him
Who created something so wonderful

The miracle of life and death
Each in his hand and yet so humble
How can I not bow to him
Who has the power so immense

He gives everyone something
And never everything to one
I will never understand how he works
And yet I have faith in him so deep

I wonder if he can hear 
I wonder if he can see
There are so many questions
And yet I pray daily..


Poetry Prompt - Spiritual


  1. I can really understand how such a curiosity builds.. But maybe the faith is what he is..

  2. what a beautiful statement of your soul Anika; sometimes i wonder myself

    have a lovely Sunday

    much love...

  3. :) I truly believe in god and we might go and look for him i n the temples or other religious places but he always resides in our hearts:)

  4. That wonder and faith could be felt deeply in the words...

  5. A beautiful tribute to God speaking from your soul.


  6. Your words are so beautiful, Ankita! Your faith in Him shines :)

  7. it is good to have wonders.

  8. Yes, there are some questions that one doesn't have answers to & perhaps never will until the end of time.

  9. This is a deep expression of faith - very lovely to read, Ankita!

  10. Yes, impossible not to respond, despite all the unanswered questions.

  11. One wants answers but if answers are given easily faith might be compromised or even jeopardized. Thoughtful take Ankita!


  12. A beautiful expression of your faith.

  13. Beautiful rekindles the divine spark in the heart...:)


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