Sunday, January 25, 2015

Promises Of Tomorrow

May be tonight it's dark
But it will be bright tomorrow
There is a hope in the stars today
That speaks of a brighter tomorrow

May be it was hard today
But then it will be better tomorrow
There is a feeling I have 
That believes in a happier tomorrow

May be things didn't go the right way
But tomorrow something good will happen
There is a probability at play
That ensures I will win someday

Sun will shine brighter tomorrow
And the day will be merrier
There is a hope in the wind today
That whispers the promises of tomorrow..


  1. tomorrow is hope...if we get that promise...
    in the mean time i will wring today for all that i can...
    we need that hope....

  2. Thank you Ankita... I really needed such happiness today.. somehow with hope we can probably make it better tomorrow.

  3. I use that as a mantra.....that tomorrow will be better.....loved this, Ankita!

  4. What a wonderful outlook, Ankita. I like the attitude that things that are 'black' today may be 'bright' tomorrow & that there is always hope on the horizon!

  5. reminds me of.. it's a bad day not a bad life, there are always things to look forward to.

  6. The consistent positive vibe of your lines makes this poem a truly wonderful read that can inspire many reader. Great one!

    - ksm

  7. These lyrics need their music and stringed instrument. A beautiful expression of motivated and positive thinking.

  8. No matter what today holds, the sun will come out again tomorrow - wonderful poem :)

  9. Tomorrow does hold so much have captured that beautifully here Ankita!

  10. Hopes and yearnings keep life in the fast lane but in a good way! Great lines Ankita!



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