Sunday, April 5, 2015

Like A Moth To A Flame

A moth was in love 
With a flame so divine
Drawn to flame's glory 
Or drawn to it's own fate

Everyday moth would wander in search of it's love
And every night it sat around flame watching it shed tears 

Moth knew flame can't be his 
And he can't be of flame
But then we are drawn to things 
That we can never have

Moth wanted to kiss the fire that meant his end by all means 
But love was all but wait for them 

And so it happened 
One day moth flew into the fire
And fire gulped in red flames of tears 
Moth gave up his life for one kiss 

Fire cried that night till there was nothing but smoke
Lingering around even though the writhing flame was dead

This was a love story of a moth and a flame
Love is not for faint hearts 
But for brave and daring souls 
Cause true love is hard to come by 

And if it does, be willing to sail through the storm
Even if it means to drown in the wrecking storm.. 

Written for Poetry Jam!


  1. This is a well told story. I especially resonate with "Love is not for faint hearts". That is for sure!

  2. Lovely story and such beautiful images, well done.

  3. such wonderful imagery and such a sad story, yet there's much strength in it.

  4. Guess, that's what is meant by true love. Not circumspect, not cautious, but only ears to ones the true calling. Awesomely penned★★

  5. Absolute perfection this story as it is told....beautiful and oh so true!


  6. a moth is fun to think about at times.

    bittersweet thoughts.

  7. Love can often be foolishly expressed. As long as it may not result in material loss especially of life it is ok! Nicely Ankita!


  8. Great metaphorical use of the moth and flame in your story, Ankita. It almost reads like a fable.

  9. "we are drawn to things we can never have"---how very true this is!

  10. Sometimes, some things aren't really meant to be together. All is fair in love... we lovers are just the ones who make things unfair & complicated at times because we are too weak emotionally in love. Very well told. Happy Easter!

  11. love knows no boundaries..............

  12. I enjoyed this tale, Anikita. So true that sometimes what one wants so much can have the ability to destroy one.

  13. Love is indeed for the brave and the selfless and full of sacrifice...this tale could be performed in a dance drama on stage...wonderfully woven Ankita..

  14. A great use of symbols for the pain of love.

  15. This was superb! The best, most affecting poem I read all day. Wonderful!

  16. A beautiful (and sad) story of love. Love is powerful and can be painful Nicely told in verse.

  17. In order to find true love you really must 'be willing to sail through the storm'. So much truth in that line. Great writing, Ankita :)


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