Saturday, February 20, 2016

Life - A Train Journey Between Stations

I bought a ticket and left
For a destination I planned
But when I reached the station
Holding the ticket in my hand
With a hope to make new memories
I saw the train leaving without me
And the train "Change" was waiting
To take me to a new destination

I stood there with a heavy heart
And I wish I didn't have to board
A destination I once so cherished
Now I had to leave for something new
There was a faint whistle amidst that chaos
And I knew I had to board now
If not this train then next that comes
But the destination I planned was a old memory now

I could see new faces around me
But none were from the past
Such is life - a beautiful journey between stations
Some planned and some unplanned
But no matter how good or bad the station is
Train will be there in time
You will have no choice but to board
And make the journey that you were meant to take...

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