Friday, February 26, 2016

Failure - A Bitter Truth!

When all you ever dreamed of disappears
And life comes to an unexpected halt 
And you question what went wrong
Remember some things are not just meant to be

Not all dreams are meant for reality
Not all love stories are written in heaven
Not all efforts result in something big
Not all failures are for lifetime

Years of memories can be erased in a day
From everything you have ever owned
But how can you erase memories from your head
That made you laugh till your stomach ache

Those beautiful dreams that kept you awake
Are the very reason you are afraid to close your eyes
Letting go my friend is the best you can do
In time, everything will heal

But will things be ever same again?
What you were yesterday is lost with time
But what will tomorrow bring is yet to reveal
Dream big, trust again, start afresh

It is when you are afraid to close your eyes
Work harder and make things happen
It is when all your efforts seem to be in vain
Is when you should appreciate the journey most ...

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