Saturday, October 11, 2014

If I were...

If I were the summer rain
And you were a rainbow
I'd keep the sky sunlit
To keep you warm and close 

If I were the night sky
And you were a shining star
We'd lit up the sky with dazzling light
And hum songs whole night

If I were a bird 
And you were a cloud
I'd fly up so high 
To be with you all day

If I were the autumn breeze 
And you were a crimson leaf
I'd lift you gently up 
And we'd dance together in the air

If I were a poem 
And you were an author
Our love would be engraved
In a book forever...
Written for Poetry Jam!


  1. This is a beautiful I wish I were love poem, Ankita. I particularly enjoyed the fourths no last stanzas.

  2. There's touch of happiness and joy all over specially in the fourth stanza, the end is beautiful too...

  3. beautiful lines..Ankita..loved the closing lines

  4. What a lot of love in this beautifully written poem. I was captured by the opening stanza.

  5. a absolutely beautiful description of love

  6. Your poem is incredibly lovely ...

  7. ha. nice love poem...for some reason that last stanza on being the poem and them the author became my fav


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